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Louisa Warwick

Louisa Warwick

  William Harrison AINSWORTH (1805-1882)


  • Auriol, or The Elixir of Life--Text--ZIP--HTML
  • Boscobel, or the Royal Oak--Text--ZIP--HTML
  • Guy Fawkes, or The Gunpowder Treason--HTML
  • Jack Sheppard - A Romance--Text--HTML
  • The Lancashire Witches -A Romance of Pendle Forest--Text--HTML
  • The Leaguer of Lathom--HTML
  • Old Saint Paul's -A Tale of the Plague and the Fire--Text--HTML
  • Ovingdean Grange--HTML
  • Preston Fight, or The Insurrection of 1715--HTML
  • Rookwood - A Romance--HTML
  • The Star-Chamber - An Historical Romance Vol 1--Text
    The Star-Chamber - An Historical Romance Vol 2--Text
    The Star-Chamber - An Historical Romance (complete)--HTML
  • Windsor Castle--Text--HTML
  • The Miser's Daughter (1843)--Text--ZIP--HTML


  • A Night's Adventure In Rome--Text--ZIP--HTML
  • The Spectre Bride--Text--ZIP--HTML
  • The Old London Merchant - A Sketch--HTML
  J Y (John Yonge) AKERMAN (1806-1873)   A J ALAN (1883-1940) (pseudonym of Leslie H. LAMBERT)  

Louisa May ALCOTT (1832-1888)

  • Dr Dorn's Revenge--Text--HTML
  • A Strange Island--Text--HTML
  • Perilous Play--Text--HTML
  • Lost in a Pyramid, or the Mummy's Curse--Text--HTML
  • Hospital Sketches--Text
  • Under the Lilacs--Text
  • Rose in Bloom--Text
  • The Abbot's Ghost, or Maurice Treherne's Temptation--Text
  • Little Men--Text
  • Behind a Mask, or a Woman's Power--Text
  • Flower Fables--Text
  • Pauline's Passion and Punishment--Text
  • Jack and Jill--Text
  • Work: a Story of Experience--Text
  • Marjorie's Three Gifts--Text
  • Little Women--Text
  • The Mysterious Key and what It Opened--Text
  • An Old-Fashioned Girl--Text
  • The Louisa Alcott Reader--Text
  • Kitty's Class Day and Other Stories--Text
  • Jo's Boys--Text
  • A Modern Cinderella--Text
  • On Picket Duty, and Other Tales--Text
  • A Garland for Girls--Text
  • Eight Cousins--Text
  Bess Streeter ALDRICH (1881-1954)   Thomas Bailey ALDRICH (1836-1907)
  • Marjorie Daw--Text
  Frederick Lewis ALLEN (1890-1954)   Grant ALLEN (1848-1899)
  • The Thames Valley Catastrophe--Text--HTML
  • My New Year's Eve Among the Mummies--Text--HTML
  • Wolverden Tower--Text--HTML
  • Charles Darwin (biography)--Text--ZIP--HTML
  • Jerry Stokes (1891)--Text--ZIP--HTML
  • Hilda Wade (1899)--HTML
  • Miss Cayley's Adventures (1899)--HTML
  • An African Millionaire: Episodes In The Life of The Illustrious Colonel Clay (1897)--HTML
  • Twelve Tales (1900)--HTML
  Hervey ALLEN (1889-1949)   Joseph A ALTSHELER (1862-1919)
  • The Free Rangers--HTML
  Alwyn ALVERSTOKE -- See Edwin James WELCH   Roald AMUNDSEN (1872-1928)   Sherwood ANDERSON (1876-1941)
  • Death in the Woods and Other Stories (1933)--Text--ZIP--HTML--EPUB and KINDLE
  • Marching Men--Text
  • Poor White --Text
  • Windy McPherson's Son--Text
  • Winesburg, Ohio--Text
  • The Vanished Emperor--Text-- ZIP--HTML
  • The Case of Mrs. Ruhmkorff's Will (1901)--Text-- ZIP--HTML
  Mary Raymond Shipman ANDREWS (1860-1936)
  • Through the Ivory Gate--Text--HTML
  • The Curse of the Catafalques--Text--HTML
  Wilder ANTHONY (died c.1940)   Titus Petronius ARBITER (c.27-66) [Petronius; Gaius Petronius Arbiter]
  • The Satyricon--HTML
  Robert Coutts ARMOUR (1874-1942)
[a.k.a. Coutts Brisbane; Hartley Tremayne; Reid Whitly; Brett Whitly; Harmar Kouttes; Harcoutts Harm]

"Dr. Hi Ho"

  • For the Sake of Enlightenment (1929)--HTML
  • By Decree of the High Ones (1930)--HTML
  • At The Fortunate Frog (1930)--HTML

Science Fiction

  • De Profundis (1914)--HTML
  • A New Species (1921)--HTML

Children's Stories

  • The Secret of the Desert (1931)
  • Wheels of Fortune (1932)
  • The Memory Man (1948)
  Clifford ASHDOWN [See R Austin FREEMAN]     Alice ASKEW (1874-1917) and Claude ASKEW (1865-1917)
  • Aylmer Vance and the Vampire--Text--HTML
  William Waldorf ASTOR (1848-1919)   Gertrude Franklin Horn ATHERTON (1857-1948)
  • Collected Stories--Text--HTML
  Francis Henry ATKINS (1840-1927) [a.k.a. Frank AUBREY, Fenton ASH]

Books and stories written as Frank Aubrey

Books and stories written as Fenton Ash

Books and stories written as Fred Ashley

  Stacy AUMONIER (1877-1928)
  • George--HTML
  Jane AUSTEN (1775-1817)   Robert AUSTIN (1825-1905)
  • An Expedition to Explore the Interior of Western Australia (1854)--HTML
  John AYSCOUGH [Francis Bickerstaffe-Drew] (1858-1928)   W. E. (William Edmondstoune) AYTOUN (1813 - 1865)
  • How We Got Up the Glenmutchkin Railway--Text--HTML

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  Benjamin Herschel BABBAGE (1815-1878)
  • Reports on Exploration into the North and North-Western Interior of South Australia--HTML [with Peter Egerton WARBURTON (1813-1889)]
  Irving BACHELLER (1859-1950)   Willard F BAKER
  • The Boy Ranchers on the Trail--HTML
  Louisa BALDWIN (1845-1925)
  • Collected Stories--Text--HTML
  R M BALLANTYNE (1825-1894)
  • Fort Desolation--HTML
  • The Pioneers; a Tale of the Western Wilderness--HTML
  • The Prairie Chief--HTML
  E J BANFIELD (1852-1923)   Thomas BANISTER and Samuel MOSSMAN
  • Australia Visited and Revisited (1853)--HTML
  Sir Joseph BANKS (1743-1820)
  • The Endeavour Journal of Sir Joseph Banks--Text--ZIP--HTML
  Kendall BANNING (1879-1944)
  • Mother Goose Rhymes (1929)--HTML
  A Maynard BARBOUR (died 1941)
  • At the Time Appointed--Text
  • That Mainwaring Affair--Text
  Henri BARBUSSE (1873-1935)
  • The Inferno--Text
  • Under Fire--Text
  Richard BARHAM (1788-1845)
  • Collected Stories--Text--ZIP--HTML (these stories are included in The Ingoldsby Legends, below)
  • The Ingoldsby Legends--Text--ZIP
  Maurice BARING (1874-1945)   Sabine BARING-GOULD (1834-1924)
  • In the Roar of the Sea (1861)--HTML
  • The Book of Were-Wolves (1865)--HTML
  • Curious Myths of the Middle Ages (1866)--HTML
  • Mehalah - A Story of the Salt Marshes (1880)--HTML
  • Noémi - A Story of Rock-Dwellers (1894)--HTML
  • The Broom-Squire (1895)--HTML
  • Curiosities of Olden Times (1895)--HTML
  • Historic Oddities and Strange Events--Series 1 (1889)--HTML
  • Historic Oddities and Strange Events--Series 2 (1891)--HTML
  • Bladys of the Stewponey (1897)--Text--ZIP--HTML
  • Perpetua (1897)--HTML
  • Domitia (1898)--HTML
  • Pabo, the Priest (1899)--HTML
  • A Dead Finger (1904) [short story]--Text--HTML
  • A Book of Ghosts (1904)--HTML
  Robert BARR (1850-1912)
  • The Triumphs of Eugène Valmont--Text
  •  The O'Ruddy: A Romance (1903)--HTML [with Stephen CRANE]
  Francis BARRALLIER (1773-1853)
  • Journal of the Expedition into the Interior of New South Wales in 1802--HTML
  J M BARRIE (1860-1937)
  • Peter Pan or The Boy Who Would Not Grow Up (The Play) (first performed 1904)--HTML--EPUB and KINDLE
  • Peter Pan (The Book) (1911)--Text--ZIP--HTML--EPUB and KINDLE
    [Illustrations by F D (Francis Donkin) Bedford (1864-1954) and Alice B Woodward (1862-1951)--see inside html file for details.]
  George BARRINGTON (1755-1804)
  • A Voyage to Botany Bay--Text--ZIP--HTML
  • A Sequel to A Voyage to Botany Bay--Text--ZIP--HTML
  • The History of New South Wales (1798 and 1802)--HTML
  Sir John BARROW (1764-1848)
  • The eventful History of the Mutiny and Piratical Seizure of H.M.S. Bounty: Its Cause and Consequences--HTML
    (Also see The Bounty Trilogy for a fictional account of this event.)
  John Arthur BARRY (1850-1911)



  • Steve Brown's Bunyip and Other Stories (1893)--Text--ZIP--HTML
  • A Son of the Sea (1899)--Text--ZIP--HTML
  • Red Lion and Blue Star (1902)--Text--ZIP--HTML
  • Sea Yarns (1910)--Text--ZIP--HTML
  • South Sea Shipmates (1914)--Text--ZIP--HTML
  • Short Stories - Volume 1--Text--ZIP--HTML
  • Short Stories - Volume 2--Text--ZIP--HTML
  • Short Stories - Volume 3--Text--ZIP--HTML
  • Short Stories - Volume 4--Text--ZIP--HTML


  • With Cobb and Co. in Far Inland Australia (1894)--Text--ZIP--HTML
  • How the Wool Went Home Long Ago (1898)--Text--ZIP--HTML
  • On the Fringe of the Harbor (1898)--Text--ZIP--HTML
  • The Passage of the Palmetto (1899)--Text--ZIP--HTML
  • On Ocean Racecourses (1900)--Text--ZIP--HTML
  • With Jack Ashore: The Seamen's Institute, Sydney (1901)--Text--ZIP--HTML
  • The City of Sydney: The Story of its Growth--From its Foundation to the Present(1902)--HTML
  • The Pilot Service of Port Jackson (1902)--Text--ZIP--HTML
  • H.M.S. Pylades, The Last of Her Class (1904)--Text--ZIP--HTML
  • How They Came Out in the Fifties (1904)--Text--ZIP--HTML
  • The Ship and Her Master (1904)--Text--ZIP--HTML
  • With Young Germany on Shipboard (1905)--Text--ZIP--HTML
  • The Pastoral Life, Past and Present (1905)--Text--ZIP--HTML
  • Norfolk Island: Where Three Cables Meet (1905)--Text--ZIP--HTML
  • The League of Ancient Mariners (1906)--Text--ZIP--HTML
  • Shearers and Some Sheds (1906)--Text--ZIP--HTML
  George Burnett BARTON (1836-1901)
  • The Troubles Of Australian Federation--Text--ZIP--HTML
  • History of New South Wales from the Records,Vol. I--HTML
  • History of New South Wales from the Records,Vol. II--by Alexander BRITTON
  George BASS (1771-1803)
  • The Discovery of Bass Strait--HTML
  Thomas BASTARD (1818-1883)
  • The Autobiography of Cockney Tom--Text--ZIP--HTML

Daisy BATES (1863-1951)

  • The Passing of the Aborigines (1938)--Text--ZIP
  J S (James Sykes) BATTYE (1871-1954)
  • Western Australia: a History from its Discovery to the Inauguration of the Commonwealth Text--ZIP--HTML
  Charles Pierre BAUDELAIRE (1821-1867)   L Frank BAUM (1856-1919)   Barbara BAYNTON (1857-1929)   Rex BEACH (1877-1949)
  • Flowing Gold--HTML
  • Heart of the Sunset--HTML
  Thomas D BEASEY
  • A Tramp Through the Bret Harte Country--HTML
  Lily Adams BECK [pseudonym of Elizabeth Louisa Moresby] (1862-1931)
  • The Ninth Vibration and Other Stories--Text--HTML
  • The Ladies: A Shining Constellation of Wit and Beauty [written as E. Barrington] --Text--HTML
  • The Way of Stars--HTML
  Louis BECKE (1855-1913)


  • By Reef and Palm and Other Stories--Text--HTML--EPUB and KINDLE
  • Short Stories--Text--ZIP
  • By Rock and Pool on an Austral Shore and other stories--Text
  • Pacific Tales (1897)--Text--ZIP--HTML--EPUB and KINDLE
  • The Mutineer: A Romance of Pitcairn Island--Text--ZIP--HTML
  • Edward Barry: South Sea Pearler--Text
  • Yorke The Adventurer--Text
  • John Corwell, Sailor And Miner; and, Poisonous Fish--Text
  • The Colonial Mortuary Bard; "'Reo," The Fisherman; and The Black Bream Of Australia--Text
  • "Old Mary"--Text
  • "Martin of Nitendi"; and The River of Dreams--Text
  • "Five-Head" Creek; and Fish Drugging in The Pacific--Text
  • Chinkie's Flat and Other Stories--Text
  • John Frewen, South Sea Whaler--Text
  • A Memory of the Southern Seas--Text
  • Rídan the Devil and Other Stories--Text
  • Rodman The Boatsteerer And Other Stories--Text
  • The Trader's Wife--Text
  • Tessa--Text
  • Amona; The Child; And The Beast; And Others--Text
  • Concerning Bully Hayes Foster's Letter Of Marque: A Tale Of Old Sydney--Text
  • In The Far North--Text
  • Officer And Man--Text
  • Pakia--Text
  • Pig-Headed Sailor Men--Text
  • Sarreo--Text
  • Susani--Text
  • The Adventure Of Elizabeth Morey of New York--Text
  • The Americans In The South Seas--Text
  • The Beginning Of The Sea Story Of Australia--Text
  • The Call Of The South--Text
  • The Ebbing Of The Tide: South Sea Stories--Text
  • The Flemmings And "Flash Harry" Of Savait--Text
  • The Gallant, Good Riou And Jack Renton--Text
  • The South Seaman: An Incident In The Sea Story Of Australia--Text
  • The Strange Adventure Of James Shervinton--Text
  • The Tapu Of Banderah--Text
  • Tom Gerrard--Text


  Randolph BEDFORD (1868-1941) The Man Who Held the Wires--HTML   H BEDFORD-JONES (James O'BRIEN) (1887-1949)

At Roy Glashan's Library

  • The Carson's Folly Series
  • The Counterclockwise Series
  • The John Solomon Series
  • The Professional Corpse Series
  • The Quest, Inc. Series
  • The Sphinx Emerald Series
  • Tomorrow's Men Series
  • Trumpets from Oblivion Series
  • Westerns
  • Other Fiction
  • Non-Fiction
  George S BEEBY (1869-1942)
  • One Touch O' Nature (1923)--HTML
  • Still Waters (1923)--HTML
  • The Banner (1923)--HTML
  Edward Spencer BEESLY (1831-1915)
  • Catiline, Clodius, and Tiberius (1878)--HTML
  Mrs Emily BEESLY (died 1889)
  • Stories from the History of Rome (1878)--HTML

Joseph Lievesley BEESTON (1859-1921)

  Aphra BEHN (1640-1689)
  • Oroonoko; or The Royal Slave--Text--ZIP--HTML
  Gertrude BELL (1868-1926) [edited by Florence Eveleen Eleanor (Olliffe) BELL (1851 - 1930)]
  • The Letters of Gertrude Bell, Volume 1 (1927)--Text--ZIP--HTML (with images)
  • The Letters of Gertrude Bell, Volume 2 (1927)--Text--ZIP--HTML (with images)
  J J (John Joy) BELL (1871-1934)
  • Wee Macgreegor (Wee Macgregor) (1903)--Text--ZIP--HTML
  Edward BELLAMY (1850-1898)
  • Looking Backward--HTML
  • To Whom This May Come--Text--HTML
  • With the Eyes Shut--Text--HTML
  • The Blindman's World--Text--HTML
  Thomas BELT (1832-1878)
  • The Naturalist in Nicaragua--Text
  Robert C BENCHLEY (1889-1945)
  • My Ten Years in a Quandary--Text--ZIP--HTML
  Stephen Vincent BENÉT (BENET) (1898-1943)
  • We Stand United and other Radio Scripts (1940-1942)--Text--ZIP
  • The Devil and Daniel Webster--Text--HTML
  • John Brown's Body--Text--ZIP--HTML
  • Johnny Pye and the Fool-killer (From Tales Before Midnight)--HTML
  Arnold BENNETT (1867-1931)
  • The Old Wives' Tale--Text
   Emerson BENNETT (1822-1905)
  • Kate Clarendon--HTML
  • Leni-Leoti; or, Adventures in the Far West--HTML
  • Oliver Goldfinch; or, The Hypocrite--HTML
  • The Bandits of the Osage: A Western Romance--HTML
  Robert Ames BENNET (1870-1954)
  • Thyra: A Romance of the Polar Pit--Text--ZIP --HTML
  • The Desert Girl--Text--ZIP
  A C (Arthur Christopher) BENSON (1862-1925)   E F (Edward Frederick) BENSON (1867-1940)

"Mapp and Lucia" books (a.k.a. the "Make Way For Lucia" series)

   Other fiction

   Non Fiction

  • Charlotte Bronte (biography) (1932)--HTML
  Robert Hugh BENSON (1871-1914)
  • Father Meuron's Tale--Text--HTML
  • Father Macclesfield'S Tale--Text--ZIP
  Stella BENSON (1892-1933)
  • The Desert Islander--Text--HTML
  J D BERESFORD (1873-1947)
  • The Hampdenshire Wonder (1911)--Text--ZIP--HTML
  • The Misanthrope--Text--HTML
  Walter BESANT (1836-1901)
  • The Case of Mr Lucraft (1886)--Text--HTML
  • The Revolt of Man--Text--HTML
  Ambrose BIERCE (1842-c1914)
  • Killed At Resaca (c.1891)--Text
  • An Occurrence at Owl Creek--Text
  John Thomas BIGGE (1780-1843)
  • Report on the State of the Colony of New South Wales (1822)--HTML
  • Report on the Judicial Establishments of New South Wales (1822)--HTML
  • Report on the State of Agriculture and Trade in New South Wales (1822)--HTML
  Earl Derr BIGGERS (1884-1933)



  • Seven Keys To Baldpate (1913)--HTML
  • Love Insurance (1914)--HTML
  • Inside The Lines (with Robert Welles Ritchie) (1915)--HTML
  • The Agony Column (a.k.a. Second-Floor Mystery) (1916)--Text--HTML
  • Fifty Candles (1921)--HTML
  • Earl Derr Biggers Tells Ten Stories (1933)--HTML
  • The Ebony Stick--HTML
  Harold BINDLOSS (1866-1945)
  • How They Took The Olga Out--Text--ZIP--HTML
  • The Honour Of His House--Text--ZIP--HTML
  Eugene Shade BISBEE (1864-1933)   James BISCHOFF (1776-1845)
  • Sketch of the History of Van Diemen's Land (1832)--HTML
  Gerald BISS (1876-1922)
  • Branded (a.k.a. The Daughters of a Convict)--Text--ZIP--HTML
  Ladbroke Lionel Day BLACK (1877-1940)
Also wrote as Ladbroke Black, Lionel Day, Paul Urquhart and John Andrews.   R D (Richard Doddridge) BLACKMORE (1825-1900)   Algernon BLACKWOOD (1869-1951)
  • The Damned and Other Stories--Text--ZIP--HTML
  • The Kit-Bag--Text--ZIP
  Helena P BLAVATSKY (1831-1891)   Gregory BLAXLAND (1778-1853)
  • The Journal of Gregory Blaxland, 1813 (1913)--Text--ZIP--HTML [Includes a number of photographs taken in 1913, at the time of the centenary of the crossing.edited by Frank Walker (1861-1948)]
    (Incorporating "Journal of a Tour of Discovery Across the Blue Mountains, NSW, in the year 1813")
  Steen Steensen BLICHER (1782-1846)
  • Twelve Stories--Translated by Hanna Astrup Larsen (1873-1945)--Text--ZIP

William BLIGH (1754-1817)

  • A Voyage to the South Sea--HTML
  • A Narrative Of The Mutiny, On Board His Majesty's Ship Bounty--Text--HTML
  • [See Ida Lee for Captain Bligh's Second Voyage To The South Sea]
  Jean Richard BLOCH (1884-1947)
  • "--& Co." (1929) translated by C K Scott Moncrieff (1889-1930)--Text--ZIP
  Barcroft BOAKE (1866-1892)
  • Where The Dead Men Lie And Other Poems--Text--ZIP--HTML
  Giovanni BOCCACCIO (1313-1375)
  • A Story of Ravenna--Text--HTML
  Edward BOK (1863-1930)
  • The Americanization of Edward Bok--HTML
  Rolf BOLDREWOOD (Thomas Alexander BROWNE) (1826-1915)
  • Robbery Under Arms--Text--HTML--EPUB and KINDLE
  • Shearing in the Riverina, New South Wales--Text
  • The Miner's Right--Text--ZIP--HTML
  • A Romance of Canvas Town and Other Stories--Text--ZIP--HTML
  • A Sydney-Side Saxon--Text--ZIP--HTML
  Frederick Bligh BOND (1864-1945)
  • The Gospel of Philip the Deacon(1932)--Text--ZIP
  James BONWICK (1817-1906) John Batman the Founder of Victoria--HTML   Guy BOOTHBY (1867-1905)

   Dr. Nikola

   Other titles

  • The Duchess of Wiltshire's Diamonds (1897)--Text--ZIP
  • Pharos the Egyptian (1898)--HTML (1.6 mb--includes images)--EPUB and KINDLE
  • A Strange Goldfield (1904)--Text--HTML
  • A Professor of Egyptology (1904)--Text--HTML
  • In Strange Company--Text--ZIP--HTML
  • The Race of Life--Text--ZIP--HTML
  Marjorie BOWEN (1886-1952), George R Preedy, Joseph Shearing, John Winch, Robert Paye -- pseudonyms of Gabrielle Margaret Vere CAMPBELL

   As "Marjorie Bowen"

Historical Fiction

  • The Viper of Milan (1906) [set in 14th century Lombardy]--Text--ZIP--HTML
  • The Master of Stair [The Glen o' Weeping] (1907) [John Dalrymple, 1st Earl of Stair, 1648-1707]--Text--ZIP--HTML
  • A Moment's Madness (1908)--HTML
  • The Sword Decides (1908)--HTML
  • The Leopard and the Lily (1909)--HTML
  • History of the Netherlands (Refer to the Preface in William by the Grace of God, below, for details):
    • Prince and Heretic (1914) [William I, Prince of Orange]--Text--ZIP--HTML
    • William by the Grace of God (1916)--HTML
    • William of Orange Trilogy
      I Will Maintain (1910)--Text--ZIP--HTML
      Defender of the Faith (1911)--HTML
      God and the King (1911) [James II, King of England, 1633-1701]--Text--ZIP--HTML
  • The Quest of Glory (1912) [Luc de Clapiers, Marquis de Vauvenargues]--Text--ZIP--HTML
  • The Rake's Progress (1912)--HTML
  • The Soldier from Virginia (1912) [George Washington]--HTML
  • Lovers' Knots (1912)--HTML
  • The Governor of England (1913) [Oliver Cromwell]--HTML
  • A Knight of Spain (1913) [Don Juan of Austria]--Text--ZIP--HTML
  • God's Playthings [Short Stories] (1913)--HTML
  • The Two Carnations (1914)--HTML
  • Because of these Things (1915)--Text--ZIP--HTML
  • The Carnival of Florence (1915)--HTML
  • The Third Estate [Eugénie] (1917) [French Revolution]--HTML--EPUB and KINDLE
  • Kings-at-Arms (1918) [King Karl XII of Sweden--HTML
  • The Burning Glass (1918) [Julie de Lespinasse]--HTML
  • Mr. Misfortunate {Charles Edward Stewart (Stuart) [Bonnie Prince Charlie]} (1919)--HTML
  • Boundless Water (1926)--HTML
  • Nell Gwyn: A Decoration (1926)--HTML
  • Dickon [Richard III] (1929)--Text--ZIP--HTML--EPUB and KINDLE
  • Dark Rosaleen (1932) [Lord Edward Fitzgerald]--Text--ZIP--HTML--EPUB and KINDLE
  • The Queen's Caprice (1933) [a.k.a. Double Dallilay; Mary Stuart, Queen of Scots]--Text--ZIP--HTML--EPUB and KINDLE
  • God and the Wedding Dress (1938)--at Roy Glashan's Library
  • The Man with the Scales (1954)--HTML

'Supernatural' Novels and Stories

  • Black Magic [Novel]--Text--ZIP--HTML
  • Collected Twilight Stories Vol. I (A PGA Compilation)--Text--ZIP--HTML
  • Collected Twilight Stories Vol. II (A PGA Compilation)--Text--ZIP--HTML
  • The Bishop of Hell and Other Stories (1949)--Text--ZIP--HTML
  • The Last Bouquet: Some Twilight Tales (1933)--Text--ZIP--HTML

Other Short Stories

  • The Love Story of a Fastidious Man (1914)--at Roy Glashan's Library
  • Shadows of Yesterday: Stories from an Old Gatalogue (1916)--at Roy Glashan's Library
  • The Harper's Stories (A PGA/RGL compilation)--HTML
  • The Seven Deadly Sins (A PGA/RGL compilation)--HTML
  • Cambric Tea--HTML
  • The Gilt Mask--HTML
  • The Follies of Youth (1914)--HTML
  • Jacqueline, a Story of the French Revolution (1916)--HTML

Non Fiction

  • William Prince of Orange 1650-1673 (1928)--HTML
  • Sundry Great Gentlemen: Some Essays in Historical Biography (1928)--HTML
  • Mary Queen of Scots (1934)--HTML--EPUB and KINDLE
  • Patriotic Lady (1935) [Emma, Lady Hamilton and Lord Nelson]--Text--ZIP--HTML
  • William Hogarth: The Cockney's Mirror (1936)--HTML
  • Some Famous Love Letters (1937)--HTML
  • Crowns and Sceptres--The Romance and Pageantry of Coronations (1937)--HTML
  • In The Steps of Mary, Queen Of Scots (1952)--HTML

   As "Joseph Shearing"

  • Forget-me-Not (1932)(a.k.a The Strange Case of Lucile Clery; Lucile Clery, Woman of Intrigue)--Text--ZIP--HTML--EPUB and KINDLE
  • Album Leaf (a.k.a. The Spider in the Cup) (1933)--HTML
  • Moss Rose (1934)--HTML
  • The Angel of the Assassination (Biography of Charlotte De Corday) (1935)--HTML
  • The Lady and the Arsenic (Marie Cappelle, Madame Lafarge) (1937)--HTML
  • Aunt Beardie (1940)--HTML
  • The Crime of Laura Sarelle (1940)--HTML
  • The Golden Violet (1941) (a.k.a. Night's Dark Secret) [set in Jamaica in the 1830s]--HTML
  • The Spectral Bride (1942)--HTML
  • So Evil My Love (a.k.a. For Her to See) (1947)--HTML
  • Mignonette (1948)--HTML

   As "George R Preedy"

  • General Crack (1928)--HTML
  • Bagatelle and Some Other Diversions (1930)--HTML
  • The Rocklitz (a.k.a. The Prince's Darling) [Magdalena Sibylla von Nietschutz] (1930)--HTML
  • The Poisoners (1936)--HTML
  • The King's Favourite (a.k.a. My Tattered Loving; The Overbury Mystery) (1937)--Text--ZIP--HTML--EPUB and KINDLE
  • This Shining Woman [Mary Wollstonecraft] (1937)--HTML
  • Nightcap and Plume (1945) [Gustaf III, King of Sweden]--HTML
  • No Way Home (1947)--HTML
  • Beltarbet's Pride--HTML

   As "Robert Paye"

  • Julia Roseingrave (1933)--HTML

   As Mrs Vere Campbell/Margaret Campbell

  • Ferriby (1907)--HTML
  • The Debate Continues: The Autobiography of Marjorie Bowen (1939)--HTML
  B M BOWER (Bertha MUZZY) (1871-1940)

The Flying U

Other Novels

  George E BOXALL (1836-1918)
  • History of the Australian Bushrangers (1908)--HTML
  Mary E BRADDON (1835-1915)
  • Collected Stories--Text--ZIP--HTML
  • Lady Audley's Secret--Text
  • The Story of the Pony Express--HTML
  Ernest BRAMAH (1867-1942)

" Max Carrados"

  • Max Carrados (1914)--Text--ZIP--HTML
  • The Eyes of Max Carrados (1923)--Text--ZIP--HTML
  • Max Carrados Mysteries (1927)--Text--ZIP--HTML
  • The Bravo of London [Novel] (1934)--HTML
  • The Game Played in the Dark--Text--ZIP--HTML (also included in Max Carrados)
  • The Coin of Dionysius--Text (also included in Max Carrados, see above)

" Kai Lung"

  • The Wallet of Kai Lung (1900)--Text--HTML
  • Kai Lung's Golden Hours (1922)--Text--HTML
  • Kai Lung Unrolls His Mat (1928)--HTML
  • The Moon of Much Gladness (1932) [US title: The Return of Kai Lung] (not available)
  • Kai Lung Beneath the Mulberry Tree (1940) (not available)

Other Fiction

  • Smothered Corpses--Text--ZIP--HTML [From The Specimen Case (1924)]
  • The Mirror of Kong Ho (1905)--Text--HTML
  • The Secret of the League (1907); first published anonymously as ""What Might Have Been: The Story of a Social War"--HTML
  • The Specimen Case (1924) [ short stories] (not available)
  • Short Stories of Today and Yesterday (1929) (not available)
  • A Little Flutter (1930) (not available)


  • English Farming and Why I Turned It Up (1894) (not available)
  • A Guide to the Varieties and Rarity of English Regal Copper Coins, Charles II-Victoria, 1671-1860 (1929) (not available)
  Max BRAND (Frederick Schiller FAUST) (1892-1944) [a.k.a. George Owen Baxter; George Challis; John Frederick]

"Dan Barry"

  • The Untamed (1919)--HTML
  • The Night Horseman (1920)--HTML
  • The Seventh Man (1921)--HTML
  • Dan Barry's Daughter (1923)--at Roy Glashan's Library

"Ronicky Doone" Trilogy

  • Ronicky Doone (1921)--HTML
  • Ronicky Doone's Treasures (1922)--HTML
  • Ronicky Doone's Rewards (1922)--HTML


  • Silvertip (1941)--HTML
  • The Man from Mustang (1942)--HTML
  • Silvertip's Strike (1942)--HTML
  • Silvertip's Roundup (1943)--HTML
  • Silvertip's Trap (a.k.a. Riding Straight in Danger) (1943)--HTML
  • The Fighting Four (1944)--at Roy Glashan's Library
  • Silvertip's Chase (a.k.a. The Iron Collar) (1944)--HTML
  • Silvertip's Search [a.k.a. Silver's Search] (1945)--HTML
  • The Stolen Stallion (1945)--HTML
  • Valley Thieves (1946)--HTML
  • Mountain Riders (1946)--at Roy Glashan's Library
  • The Valley of Vanishing Men (1947)--HTML
  • The False Rider (1947)--HTML

The Firebrand Series (Writing as George Challis)

"Dr. Kildare"

  • Internes Can't Take Money (1936)--HTML
  • Whiskey Sour (1938)
  • Young Doctor Kildare (1938)
  • Calling Dr. Kildare (1939)
  • The Secret of Dr. Kildare (1940)--HTML
  • Dr. Kildare's Girl (Dr. Kildare's Search (1940)
  • Dr. Kildare Goes Home (Dr. Kildare Takes Charge) (1940)
  • Dr. Kildare's Crisis (1940)
  • The People vs. Dr. Kildare (Dr. Kildare's Trial) (1941)
  • Dr. Kildare's Hardest Case (1942)
  • Dr. Kildare's Dilemma (1971)

Other Novels and Novellas

Short Stories and Collections

  "BRENT OF BIN BIN" -- see Miles Franklin   John Le Gay BRERETON (1871-1933)
  • Landlopers (1899)--HTML
  • Knocking Round (1930)--HTML
  William Henry BRETON (1835)
  • Excursions in New South Wales, Western Australia, and Van Dieman's Land, during the Years 1830-33--HTML
  Miles BREUER (1889-1947)
  • The Raid from Mars--Text--HTML
  Thomas Charles BRIDGES (1868-1944)   Alexander BRITTON
  • History of New South Wales from the Records,Vol. I by George Burnett BARTON
  • History of New South Wales from the Records,Vol. II--HTML
  E H (Edmund Hamer) BROADBENT (1861-1945)
  • The Pilgrim Church (1931)--Text--ZIP--HTML
  Maurice BRODZKY
  • Historical Sketch of the Two Melbourne Synagogues--PDF
  Anne BRONTE (1816-1855)   Charlotte BRONTE (1816-1855)   Rhoda BROUGHTON (1840-1920)
  • Collected Stories--Text--HTML
  Charles Brockden BROWN (1771-1810) Alice M BROWNE (John RYCE) (1848-1936)
  • That Colony of God--Text--ZIP
  • An Oath in Heaven--Text--ZIP
  Robert BROWNING (1812-1889)
  • The Ring and the Book--Text--ZIP
  Valery BRYUSOV (1873-1924)
  • The Republic of the Southern Cross--Text--HTML (Translator unknown)
  • Collected Stories--Text--HTML
  John BUCHAN (1875-1940)

     Richard Hannay (The complete series)

     Dickson McCunn and the 'Gorbals Die-hards'

  • Huntingtower--Text--HTML
  • Castle Gay (1930)--Text--ZIP--HTML
  • The House of the Four Winds (1935)--Text--ZIP--HTML

     Sir Edward Leithen

  • The Power-House (1916)--Text--ZIP--HTML
  • John Macnab (1925)--Text--ZIP--HTML
  • The Dancing Floor (1926)--Text--ZIP--HTML
  • The Gap in the Curtain (1932)--Text--ZIP--HTML
  • Sick Heart River (1941)--Text--ZIP--HTML


  • The Blanket of the Dark (1931)--Text--ZIP--HTML
  • The Free Fishers (1934)--Text--ZIP--HTML
  • The Half-Hearted (1900)--Text--HTML
  • John Burnet of Barns (1898)--HTML
  • A Lodge in the Wilderness (1906)--HTML
  • A Lost Lady of Old Years (1899)--HTML
  • The Magic Walking-Stick (1927)--HTML
  • Midwinter (1923)--Text--ZIP--HTML--(An historical fiction set against the background of the Jacobite rebellion of 1745-46, this is the story of Alistair MacLean's adventures in England as he proceeds on his mission for Prince Charles Edward Stewart (Bonnie Prince Charlie). Dr. Samuel Johnson appears as one of the main characters.)
  • The Path of the King (1921)--Text--HTML
  • A Prince of the Captivity (1933)--Text--ZIP--HTML
  • Prester John (1910)--Text--HTML
  • Salute to Adventurers (1915)--Text--HTML
  • Sir Quixote of the Moors (1895)--HTML
  • Witch Wood (1927)--Text--ZIP--HTML [There is an annotated version of Witch Wood and a glossary of terms for the novel at Roy Glashan's Library]
  • Grey Weather (1899)--HTML

     Short Stories

  • Collected Supernatural Stories--Text--ZIP--HTML
  • The Moon Endureth--Text--HTML
  • The Watcher by the Threshold--HTML
  • Twelve Short Stories--Text--ZIP--HTML
  • The Runagates Club (1928)--Text--ZIP--HTML
  • The Far Islands--Text--ZIP--HTML

     Non Fiction

  • The King's Grace (Biography)--HTML
  • Lord Minto, A Memoir (1924)--Text--ZIP--HTML
  • Memory Hold-the-door [Pilgrim's Way] (Autobiography) (1940)--Text--ZIP--HTML
  • Montrose : A History (1928)--HTML
  • Sir Walter Scott--HTML
  • The African Colony (1903)--HTML
  • A Book of Escapes And Hurried Journeys--HTML
  • Scholar Gispies (1896)--HTML
  Robert BUCHANAN (1841-1901)
  • God and the Man--Text--ZIP--HTML
  • Camlan and The Shadow of the Sword--Text--ZIP--HTML
  Charles Neville BUCK
  • The Call Of The Cumberlands--HTML
  James Anson BUCK and Joseph W. MUSGRAVE

"Sheena--Queen of the Jungle"

  • The Slave Brand of Sleman bin Ali (by J.A. Buck) (1951)--HTML
  • Killer's Kraal (by J.A. Buck) (1951)--HTML
  • Sargasso of Lost Safaris (by J.A. Buck) (1951)--HTML
  • Sword of Gimshai (by J.W. Musgrave) (1954)--HTML


  Thomas John BUCKTON (fl. 1840)
  • Western Australia, Comprising a Description of the Vicinity of Australind, and Port Leschenault (1840)--HTML
  Edward BULWER-LYTTON (1803-1873)
  • A Strange Story--Text
  • Eugene Aram--Text
  • Night and Morning--Text
  • Paul Clifford--Text
  • Pelham--Text
  • The Last Days of Pompeii--HTML
  Daniel BUNCE (1813-1872)
  • Australasiatic Reminiscences (1857)--HTML
  Alonzo BUNKER
  • Sketches from the Karen Hills (1910)--Text--ZIP--HTML
  • Soo Thah: A Tale of the Making of the Karen Nation--Text--ZIP--HTML
  C T (Charles Trimby) BURFITT (d. 1927)
  • The Discovery of Tasmania (Van Diemen's Land.), New Zealand, and Bass' Straits--Text--ZIP--HTML
  Thomas BURKE (1887-1945)
  • London in my Time (1934)--Text--ZIP--HTML
  J B HARRIS-BURLAND (Harris BURLAND) (1870-1926)   William Aubrey BURNAGE (1837-1881)
  • Bertha Shelley, the Lily of the Hunter Valley (1875)--Text--ZIP--HTML
  • A Novel Without a Name (1877)--Text--ZIP--HTML
  Fanny BURNEY (1752-1840)   James BURNEY (1750-1821)
  • A Chronological History of Voyages and Discoveries in the South Sea or Pacific Ocean.--This ebook covers Chpaters IV and VII of Volume III, relating to the voyages of Abel Tasman--Text--ZIP--HTML
  Edgar Rice BURROUGHS (1875-1950)

Romances and Fantasies:--

  • Beyond the Farthest Star (Adventure on Poloda and Tangor Returns)--HTML
  • Beyond Thirty (The Lost Continent)--HTML
  • The Cave Girl (including 'The Cave Man')--HTML
  • The Efficiency Expert--HTML
  • The Eternal Lover (a.k.a. The Eternal Savage) (1925)--HTML
  • The Girl from Farris's (1916)--HTML
  • The Girl from Hollywood (1923)--HTML
  • The Lad and the Lion (1938)--HTML
  • The Land of Hidden Men (Jungle Girl) (1931)--HTML
  • The Mad King--HTML
  • The Man-Eater (1915)--HTML
  • The Monster Men--HTML
  • The Mucker (1914)--HTML
  • The Oakdale Affair--HTML
  • The Outlaw of Torn--HTML
  • The Resurrection of Jimber-Jaw (1937)--HTML
  • The Return of the Mucker (1916)--HTML
  • The Rider--HTML

Tarzan Stories:--

  • Tarzan of the Apes (1912)--HTML
  • The Return of Tarzan (1913)--HTML
  • The Beasts of Tarzan (1914)--HTML
  • The Son of Tarzan (1914)--HTML
  • Tarzan and the Jewels of Opar (1916)--HTML
  • Jungle Tales of Tarzan (1919)--HTML
  • Tarzan the Untamed (1920)--HTML
  • Tarzan the Terrible (1921)--HTML
  • Tarzan and the Golden Lion (1923)--HTML
  • Tarzan and the Ant-men (1924)--HTML
  • Tarzan, Lord of the Jungle (1927)--HTML
  • Tarzan and the Lost Empire (1928)--HTML (HTML file is 20mb--includes many images)
  • Tarzan At The Earth's Core (1929)--HTML
  • Tarzan the Invincible (1930)--HTML
  • Tarzan Triumphant (1932)--HTML
  • Tarzan and the City of Gold (1933)--HTML
  • Tarzan and the Lion-Man (1933)--HTML
  • Tarzan and the Leopard Men (1933)--HTML
  • Tarzan's Quest (1935)--HTML
  • Tarzan and the Forbidden City (1938)--HTML
  • Tarzan the Magnificent (a.k.a. Tarzan and the Magic Men) (1939)--HTML
  • Tarzan and the Castaways (1940)--HTML
  • Tarzan and "The Foreign Legion" (1944)--HTML
  • The Tarzan Twins (1927)--HTML
  • Tarzan and the Tarzan Twins with Jad-bal-ja the Golden Lion--HTML

Venus (Amtor) Stories:--

The Moon Trilogy:--

The Earth's Core (Pellucidar) Stories:--

The Caspak Trilogy:--

Mars (Barsoom) Stories:--


  • The Bandit of Hell's Bend (1925)--HTML
  • The War Chief (1926)--HTML
  • Apache Devil (1933)--HTML
  • The Deputy Sheriff of Comanche County (1940)--HTML
  Ellis Parker BUTLER (1869-1937)

Philo Gubb Stories:

  Samuel BUTLER (1835-1902)
  • The Way of all Flesh--Text
  Bob BYRD
  • King of Claw and Fang--Text--HTML
  Henry James BYRON (1835-1884)   Lord BYRON (George Gordon Byron, 6th Baron Byron) (1788-1824)   Robert BYRON (1905-1941)  

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  John York CABOT (1918-1944) (pseudonym of David Wright O'BRIEN)   Gaius Julius CAESAR (100-44 BC)
  • The Works of Julius Caesar--at Roy Glashan's Library
    [Parallel Latin-English Edition.
    Translated by W.A. Mcdevitte and W.S. Bohn (1869)
    The African Wars
    The Alexandrine War
    The Civil War
    The Gallic War
    The Hispanic War
    Glossary of the Civil and Gallic Wars
  Andrew CALDECOTT (1884-1951)   Albert F CALVERT
  • The Aborigines of Western Australia --Text--ZIP--HTML
  Ada CAMBRIDGE (1844-1926)
  • At Midnight and Other Stories--Text--ZIP
  • Sisters--Text
  • The Perversity of Human Nature--Text--ZIP--HTML
Gabrielle Margaret Vere CAMPBELL (1886-1952)--see Marjorie Bowen   Margaret CAMPBELL -- see Marjorie BOWEN   Karel CAPEK (1890-1938)
  • The War with the Newts (1936)--HTML (Translated by David Wyllie)
  Bernard CAPES (1854-1918)
  • Collected Stories--Text--HTML
  • The Will and The Way--Text--ZIP
  Rafael CARBONI
  • The Eureka Stockade--Text--HTML
  David CARNEGIE(1871-1900)   C H CARPENTER (fl. 1883)
  • Self-support, Illustrated in the History of the Bassein Karen Mission from 1840 to 1880--Text--ZIP--HTML
  Edward CARPENTER (1844-1929)   Emily CARR (1871-1945) Lewis CARROLL   William CARRON (1821-1876) (A survivor of Kennedy's Expedition to Cape York in 1848)
  • Narrative of an Expedition Undertaken Under the Direction of E. B. Kennedy (1849)--Text--ZIP
  Willa CATHER (1873-1947)   Paul CHADWICK (died 1952)  also see Brant House
  • Doctor Zero and Other Stories--Text--ZIP--HTML
  Charles Haddon CHAMBERS (1860-1921)   Julius CHAMBERS (1850-1920)
  • "Seven, Seven, Seven--City"--A Tale of the Telephone--Text--ZIP
  Robert W CHAMBERS (1865-1933)
  • The Maker of Moons and Other Stories--Text--ZIP--HTML
  • The Slayer of Souls--Text--ZIP--HTML
Anton CHEKHOV (1860-1904)
  • The Kiss--Text--ZIP
  • Collected Plays--Text
  • The Sea-Gull--Text
  • Uncle Vanya--Text
  George CHESNEY (1830-1895)
  • The Battle of Dorking (1871)--Text--HTML
  George Randolph CHESTER (1869-1924)  

G K CHESTERTON (1874-1936)

All ebooks available in other formats at Roy Glashan's Library


  • G K Chesterton's Autobiography (1910)--HTML

The Father Brown Stories

  • The Innocence of Father Brown (1911)--Text--HTML
  • The Wisdom of Father Brown (1914)--Text--HTML
  • The Incredulity of Father Brown (1926)--Text--ZIP--HTML--EPUB and KINDLE
  • The Secret of Father Brown (1927)--Text--ZIP--HTML--EPUB and KINDLE
  • The Scandal of Father Brown (1935)--Text--ZIP--HTML--EPUB and KINDLE
  • The Donnington Affair (1914)--HTML (with Max Pemberton)
  • The Mask of Midas--HTML
  • The Vampire of the Village (1936) [included in The Scandal of Father Brown, above.]

Other Short Fiction

  • The Club of Queer Trades (1905)--Text--HTML
  • The Man Who Knew Too Much (1922)--Text--HTML
  • Tales of the Long Bow (1925)--Text--ZIP--HTML
  • The Paradoxes of Mr. Pond (1937)--Text--ZIP--HTML
  • The Poet and the Lunatics--Text--ZIP--HTML
  • The Trees of Pride--Text
  • The Sword of Wood--Text--ZIP--HTML
  • The White Pillars Murder--HTML

Novels and Fantasies

  • The Napoleon of Notting Hill (1904)--Text--ZIP--HTML
  • The Man Who Was Thursday (1908)--Text--HTML
  • The Ball and the Cross (1909)--HTML
  • The Return of Don Quixote (1927)--Text--ZIP--HTML
  • Four Faultless Felons (1930)--Text--ZIP--HTML
  • Manalive--HTML
  • The Flying Inn--HTML

Poetry and Drama

  • Greybeards at Play--HTML
  • The Ballad of the White Horse--HTML
  • Magic--HTML
  • The Wild Knight and Other Poems--HTML


Biographical Works

  • G K Chesterton's Autobiography (1910)--HTML
  • Thomas Carlyle (1902) (with J E Hodder Williams)--HTML
  • Robert Louis Stevenson (1902) (with W Robertson Nicoll)--HTML
  • Robert Browning (1903)--HTML
  • Charles Dickens (1903) (with F G Kitton)--HTML
  • Charles Dickens (1906)--Text--ZIP--HTML
  • George Bernard Shaw (1909)--HTML
  • William Blake (1910)--Text--ZIP--HTML
  • Milton: Man and Poet (1911)--Text--ZIP--HTML
  • Lord Kitchener (1917)--Text--ZIP--HTML
  • St Francis of Assisi (1923)--Text--ZIP--HTML
  • William Cobbett (1925)--Text--ZIP--HTML
  • Robert Louis Stevenson (1927)--Text--ZIP--HTML
  • Chaucer (1932)--HTML
  • St Thomas Aquinas (1933)--Text--ZIP--HTML
  • Tennyson (1903) (with Richard Garnett)--HTML
  • Thackeray (1903) (with Lewis Melville)--HTML
  • Leo Tolstoy (1903) (with Edward Garnett and G H Perris)--Text--ZIP--HTML
  • G.F. Watts (1904)--Text--ZIP--HTML

Essays and Sketches

  • The Defendant (1902)--HTML
  • All Things Considered (1908)--HTML
  • Alarms and Discursions (1910)--HTML
  • A Miscellany of Men (1936)--HTML
  • As I was Saying (1936)--Text--ZIP--HTML
  • Tremendous Trifles--HTML
  • The Well and the Shallows--HTML

Theological and Other Works

  • Varied Types (1903)--HTML
  • Heretics (1905)--HTML
  • Orthodoxy (1909)--HTML
  • What's Wrong with the World (1910)--HTML
  • Appreciations and Criticisms of the Works of Charles Dickens (1911)--HTML
  • Eugenics and Other Evils (1922)--HTML
  • The Everlasting Man (1925)--Text--ZIP--HTML--EPUB and KINDLE
  • Twelve Types--HTML
  • The Victorian Age in Literature--HTML
  • The Barbarism of Berlin--HTML
  • The Appetite of Tyranny: Letters to a Garibaldian--HTML
  Peter CHEYNEY (1896-1951)

Lemmy Caution Novels

Lemmy Caution Short Stories

Slim Callaghan Novels

Slim Callaghan Short Stories--at Roy Glashan's Library

  • Black-Out (1939)
  • Callaghan Plus Cupid (1939)
  • Documentary Evidence (1939)
  • Murder with a Twist (1939)
  • You Can't Trust Duchesses (1939)
  • Dance Without Music (1939?)
  • Birthday for Callaghan (1948)

Dark Novels

Alonzo MacTavish

Other Novels

Other Short Stories

  Erskine CHILDERS
  • The Riddle of the Sands--Text
  Caroline CHISHOLM (1808-1877)
  • Memoirs of Mrs Caroline Chisholm (1852)--see Eneas MACKENZIE
  Mary CHOLMONDELEY (1859-1925)
  • Let Loose--Text--HTML
  • Red Pottage--Text
  • The Awakening and Selected Short Stories--Text
  Alfred John CHURCH (1829-1912)
  • To The Lions--HTML
  • The Last Days of Jerusalem--HTML
  • The Count of the Saxon Shore--HTML
  • The Burning of Rome--HTML
  • Stories from Livy--HTML
  • Roman Life in the Days of Cicero--HTML
  • Lucius--Adventures of a Roman Boy--HTML
  • Lords of the World--HTML
  Ellen CLACY   Cyril CLARE and Euston LEIGH
  • The Duchess of  Coolgardie (1896)--HTML
  Marcus CLARKE (1846-1881)
  • For the Term of His Natural Life--Text--HTML--EPUB and KINDLE
  • Australian Tales (1896)--Text--ZIP
  • Human Repetends (1872)--Text--HTML
  • The Haunted Author--Text--HTML
  • Four Stories High--Text--ZIP
  • Long Odds--Text--ZIP
  • Old tales of a Young Country--Text--ZIP
  John CLELAND (1709-1789)   Caroline CLIVE (1801-1872)
  • Paul Ferroll--Text--ZIP--HTML
  • Why Paul Ferroll Killed his Wife--Text--ZIP--HTML
  Sylvanus COBB, Jun. (1823-1887) [a.k.a. Austin C. Burdick, Dr. J. H. Robinson]
  • Collected Stories Series 1--Text--ZIP
  • Collected Stories Series 2--Text--ZIP
  • Ivan the Serf, or, The Russian and the Circassian [Austin C. Burdick] and
    Bianca: or, The Monk's Plot [Dr. J. H. Robinson] (1850)--Text--ZIP--HTML
  • The Knight of Leon and The Orphan Boy's Prayer (1853)--Text--ZIP--HTML
  • The Gunmaker of Moscow (1856)--Text--ZIP
  • Orion the Gold Beater (1856)--Text--ZIP--HTML
  • Ben Hamed, or The Children of Fate (1863)--Text--ZIP--HTML
  • Atholbane: A Romance of Kenmore Castle (1866)--Text--ZIP
  • The Smuggler's Ward (1873)--Text--ZIP
  George COLLINGRIDGE (1847-1931)
  • The First Discovery of Australia and New Guinea--Text--ZIP--HTML
  • The Discovery of Australia--Text--ZIP--HTML
  • An Account of the English Colony in New South Wales Vol 1-- HTML
  • An Account of the English Colony in New South Wales Vol 2-- HTML
  Tom COLLINS (1843-1912) (Pseudonym of Joseph FURPHY)
  • Such is Life--Text
  • The Buln-Buln and the Brolga--Text--ZIP--HTML
  • Rigby's Romance--Text--ZIP--HTML
  Wilkie COLLINS
  • Antonina, or The Fall of Rome (1850)--HTML
  • Armadale--Text
  • I Say No--Text
  • Miss or Mrs.?--Text
  • My Lady's Money--Text
  • No Name--Text
  • The Haunted Hotel--Text--EPUB and KINDLE
  • The Law and the Lady--Text
  • The Moonstone--Text
  • The Queen of Hearts--Text
  • The Woman in White--Text
  Arthur Willis COLTON (1868-1943)
  • The Spiral Stone--Text--HTML
  Laure CONAN (1845-1924) (pseudonym of Félicité ANGERS)
  • L'Obscure Souffrance (La Vaine Foi; La Couronne de Larmes; Le Premier arbre de Noël; Les Missionnaires des Esquimaux)--Text--ZIP
  Ralph CONNOR (1860-1937)
  • The Girl from Glengarry (1933)--Text--ZIP--HTML
  Joseph CONRAD
  • Heart of Darkness--Text
  • Lord Jim--Text
  • Nostromo: A Tale of the Seaboard--Text
  • The Secret Agent--Text
  • The Secret Sharer--Text
  • The Shadow Line--Text

    With Ford Madox Ford

  • The Inheritors--HTML
  Hugh CONWAY (1847-1885)
  • The Secret of the Stradivarius--Text--HTML
  James COOK (1728-1779)
  • Captain Cook's Journal During the First Voyage Round the World made in H.M. bark "Endeavour"
    Edited by W. J. L. WHARTON--HTML
  • A Voyage Towards the South Pole and Around the World Volume I--HTML
  • A Voyage Towards the South Pole and Around the World Volume II--HTML
  William COOTE (1822-1898)
  • History of Queensland Vol 1 (1882)--HTML (Volume 2 was never published)
  Marie CORELLI (1855-1924)
  • The Soul of Lilith (3 Volumes)--Text--ZIP--HTML
  William Henry CORFIELD (1843-1927)
  • Reminiscences of Queensland--HTML
  Louis COUPERUS (1863-1923)
  • Footsteps of Fate [Translated by Clara BELL (1834-1927)]--Text--ZIP--HTML
  • The Silent Couple--Text--HTML
  Erle COX (1873-1950)   Charles Egbert CRADDOCK
  • Down the Ravine--HTML
  Randall CRAIG ('House' name)
  • Satan's Incubator--Text--ZIP--HTML
  • The City Condemned to Hell--Text--ZIP--HTML
  Ralph Adams CRAM (1863-1942)
  • Excalibur: An Arthurian Drama--Text--ZIP--HTML
  • In Kropsberg Keep and Other Stories--Text--ZIP--HTML
  Karl Reginald CRAMP
  • The State and Federal Constitutions of Australia (1913)--HTML
  Walter S CRAMP (1867-1932)   Stephen CRANE (1871-1900)
  • Maggie: A Girl of the Streets (1893)--Text--HTML
  • The Red Badge of Courage (1895)--Text--HTML
  • George's Mother (1896)--HTML
  • The Little Regiment and Other Episodes of the American Civil War (1896)--HTML
  • The Third Violet (1897)--HTML
  • The Open Boat and Other Stories (1898)--HTML
  • Active Service (1899)--HTML
  • The Monster and Other Stories (1899) [3 stories]--HTML
  • The Monster and Other Stories: 2nd Edition (1901) [7 stories]--HTML
  •  Whilomville Stories (1900)--HTML
  •  Wounds in the Rain (1900)--HTML
  • Great Battles of the World (1901)--HTML
  • Last Words (1902)--HTML
  • The O'Ruddy: A Romance (1903)--HTML [with Robert BARR]
  • Men Women and Boats (1921)--HTML
  F Marion CRAWFORD (1854-1909)
  • The Upper Berth--Text--HTML
  • For the Blood is the Life and Other Stories--Text--ZIP--HTML
  Benedetto CROCE (1866-1952)
  • The Conduct of Life (1924)--Text--ZIP--Translated from the Italian by Arthur Livingston (1883-1944)
  B M (Bithia Mary) CROKER (1849-1920)
  • Collected Stories--Text--HTML
  Robert Henderson (Bob) CROLL (1869-1947)
  • The Open Road in Victoria: Being the Ways of Many Walkers (1928)--HTML
  • Along the Track (1930)--HTML
  • Wonderful Walks in Victoria (1931)--HTML (a note in the booklet gives Croll as a major contributor)
  • Wide Horizons:Wanderings in Central Australia (1937)--HTML
  • I Recall: Collections and Recollections (1939)--HTML
  Ernest CROSBY (1856-1907)   Joseph CROSS (as editor)
  • Journals of Several Expeditions made in Western Australia 1829-1832--HTML
  Catherine CROWE
  • Round the Fire--Text--HTML
  Julien-Marie CROZET (1728-1782) See Henry Ling ROTH   W E (William Edward) CULE (1870-1944)
  • Sir Knight of the Splendid Way--HTML
  J H L CUMPSTON (1880-1954)
  • Charles Sturt - His Life and Journeys of Exploration--Text--ZIP--HTML
  • Thomas Mitchell--Surveyor General and Explorer--HTML
  Allan CUNNINGHAM (1791-1839)
  • Brief View of the Progress of Interior Discovery in New South Wales (1832)--HTML
  Will CUPPY (1884-1949)   Robert George CURTIS (1889-1936) Also See Edgar WALLACE [Curtis wrote novels from a number of Wallace's plays]
  • Edgar Wallace--Each Way (1932)--HTML [Reminiscences by Wallace's secretaty of many years]
  Wardon Allan CURTIS (1867-1940)
  • The Monster of Lake Lametrie--Text--HTML
  James Oliver CURWOOD
  • Back to God's Country and Other Stories--HTML
  • Flower of the North--HTML
  • God's Country--And the Woman--HTML
  • Nomads Of The North--HTML
  • The Country Beyond--HTML
  • The Flaming Forest--HTML
  • The Ancient Highway--HTML--EPUB and KINDLE

D -  Get HELP about accessing ebooks

  Felix DAHN (1834-1912)
  • Kleine Romane aus der Völkerwanderung (German)
    01. Felicitas (A.D. 476) (1882)--at Roy Glashan's Library
    02. Bissula (A.D. 378) (1884)--at Roy Glashan's Library
    03. Gelimer (A.D. 535) (1885)--at Roy Glashan's Library
  • Tales of the German Migrations (English)
    01. Felicitas (A.D. 476) (1883)--at HTML
    02. A Captive of the Roman Eagles (Bissula) (A.D. 378) (1902)--at HTML
    03. The Scarlet Banner (Gelimer) (A.D. 535) (1903)--at HTML
  • Andere Werke (Other Works)
    Sind Götter? Die Halfred Sigskaldsaga (1878) (German)--at Roy Glashan's Library
    Saga of Halfred the Sigskald (1886) (English)--HTML
  Alexander DALRYMPLE (1737-1808)
  • A Historical Collection of the Several Voyages and Discoveries in the South Pacific Ocean.--This ebook covers part of Volume II, relating to the voyage of Abel Tasman in 1642--HTML
  William DAMPIER (1651-1715)
  • A New Voyage Round the World--Text--ZIP--HTML
  • A Voyage to New Holland, etc in the year 1699--HTML
  • A Continuation of a Voyage to New Holland, etc in the year 1699--HTML
  Ella D'ARCY (1851-1939)
  • The Villa Lucienne--Text--HTML
  Clarence DARROW   Charles DARWIN
  • The Voyage of the Beagle: A Naturalist's Voyage Round the World--Text--HTML
  • Coral Reefs--Text
  • Papuan Pictures--HTML
  Sir T W (Tannatt William) Edgeworth DAVID (1858-1934)
  • The First Journey to the South Magnetic Pole (Edited by Ned Overton)--HTML
  Gordon DAVIOT See Josephine TEY   M E M (Mary Elizabeth Moore) DAVIS (1852-1909)
  • The Soul of Rose Dede--Text--HTML
  Richard Harding DAVIS (1864-1916)
  • In the Fog--Text
  • Ranson's Folly--HTML
  • The Bar Sinister(1903)--Text--ZIP
  William Stearns DAVIS (1877-1930)
  • A Friend of Caesar (1900)--HTML
  • God Wills It (1901)--HTML
  • A Victor of Salamis (1907)--HTML
  • The Beauty of the Purple (1925)--HTML
  Clarence DAY (1874-1935)   Frank Parker DAY (1881-1950)   Honore de BALZAC (1799-1850)
  • The Mysterious Mansion--Text--HTML
  • An Historical Mystery--Text
  Aidan de BRUNE (1879-1946)


  • The Mystery of the Nine Stars (1920)--HTML
  • Dr Night (1926) (Dr Night Series - No. 1)--HTML
  • The Carson Loan Mystery (1926)--HTML
  • The Dagger and Cord (The Lonely Lady) (1927)--HTML
  • The Phantom Launch (1927)--HTML
  • The Shadow Crook (1928)--HTML
  • The Little Grey Woman (1929)--HTML
  • The Green Pearl (1930) (Dr Night Series - No. 2)--HTML
  • The League of Five (1930)--HTML
  • The Unlawful Adventure (1930)--HTML
  • Douchard's Island (1931)--HTML
  • Find This Man (1931)--HTML
  • The Grays Manor Mystery (1931)--HTML
  • The Murders at Madlands (1931)--HTML
  • Whispering Death (1931) (Dr. Night Series - No. 3)--HTML
  • The Framing of Inspector Denvers [a.k.a. Cain] (1933)--HTML
  • The Flirting Fool (1933)--HTML
  • The Kahm Syndicate (1934)--HTML
  • The Fortune Telling House (1935)--HTML
  • Saul and the Spinster (1935)--HTML

Short Fiction

  • The Pursuits of Mr. Peter Pell (1920)--HTML
    Twelve short pieces covering Mr Pell's pursuits. [writing as Frank de Broune]
  • Meet Mary Cronig and Other Stories (A PGA compilation)--HTML
    [The individual stories in this collection are available in multiple formats from Roy Glashan's Library:]
    Meet Mary Cronig
    Mary Quite Contrary
    Mary's Little Lamb
    Mary's Fleece
    Just a Woolly
    Who Killed David Condon?
    The Five Minute Murder
    Voodoo Vengeance
    Silver Bells
    The Empty Match-box
    The Three Cats
    Adelbert Cay
    The Three Snails
    The Marrickville Murders
    The Pearl of Peri
    The Gift to See Ourselves As Others See Us
    The Dope Runner
    Where the Lost Legions Go

Non Fiction

  • A Stroll Around Australia (1923)--HTML
  • Record Diary of a Walk Around Australia (1924)--HTML
  • Ten Australian Authors (1933)--HTML
  • Fifty Years of Progress in Australia 1878-1928 (1929)--PDF
    Edited by Aidan de Brune. Issued to celebrate the fiftieth birthday, in 1928,
    of the Mercantile Mutual Insurance Company.
  Frederic (Le Comte) de JANZÉ (d. 1933)   Guy de MAUPASSANT (1850-1893)
  • The Flayed Hand--Text--HTML
  James de MILLE (1833-1880)
  • The Martyr of the Catacombs--HTML
  Thomas de QUINCEY
  • Murder, Considered as One of the Fine Arts--Text
  Louis de ROUGEMONT
  • The Adventures of Louis de Rougemont--Text
  Warwick DEEPING (1877-1950)   Daniel DEFOE (1660-1731) E M DELAFIELD (1890-1943)   Don DELANEY -- See John SANDES   Charles Edward DEMPSTER (1839-1907)
  • Journal of an Exploring Expedition to the Eastward of Northam, 1861--HTML
  C J DENNIS (1876-1938)
  • Doreen--Text--ZIP
  • Backblock Ballads and Later Verses--Text--ZIP
  • The Moods of Ginger Mick--Text--ZIP
  • Jim of the Hills--Text--ZIP
  • Rose of Spadgers--Text--ZIP
  • The Songs of a Sentimental Bloke--Text
  • Digger Smith--HTML
  • A Book for Kids--HTML
  • The Glugs of Gosh--HTML
  William DERRICOURT (1819-1897)
  • Old Convict Times to Gold Digging Days (1891)--Text--ZIP--HTML
  Ivan DEXTER a.k.a. Capt. LACIE (pseudonyms of James J WRIGHT)
  • In the Wake of Fortune (1894)--Text--ZIP--HTML
  • Talmud--A Strange Narrative of Central Australia (1894)--Text--ZIP--HTML
  Charles DICKENS (1812-1870)   Denis DIDEROT (1713-1784)
  • Rameau's Nephew--Text--ZIP--HTML
    [This translation, which has been prepared by Ian C. Johnston of Malaspina University-College, Nanaimo, British Columbia, Canada, may be used, in whole or in part, by anyone, without permission and without charge, provided the source is acknowledged. Released October 2002. For comments and suggestions for improvements, please contact Ian Johnston]
  Ernest DIMNET (1866-1954)
  • The Art of Thinking (1928)--HTML
  Benjamin DISRAELI (1804-1881)   John B DODS (fl. 1832)
  • Twenty-four Short Sermons on the Doctrine of Universal Salvation (1832)--HTML
  Edwin DOIDGE (1856-1943)   Hans DOMINIK (1872-1945)

German language

  John DONNE (1572-1631)
  • Songs and Sonnets--Text--ZIP
  Dick DONOVAN (Mr Joyce R Preston Muddock) (1842-1934)
  • The Problem of Dead Wood Hall--Text--HTML
  • A Detective's Triumphs (1891)--HTML
  • Tracked to Doom (1891)--HTML
  • The Adventures Of Tyler Tatlock (1900)--HTML
  • A Gilded Serpent (1908)--HTML
  • Out There (1922)--HTML
  Lawrence DONOVAN (died 1950)
  • Moon Riders--Text--HTML
  • Pin Up Girl Murders--Text--HTML
  • Whispering Death--Text--HTML

     As 'Kenneth ROBESON':

  Fyodor DOSTOEVSKY (1821-1881)
  • A Raw Youth--Text--ZIP--HTML Translated by Constance Garnett (1861-1946)
    (also published as The Adolescent and An Accidental Family)
  • The Brothers Karamazov--Text--ZIP--HTML Translated by Constance Garnett (1861-1946)
  George Norman DOUGLAS
  • The Haunted Cove--Text--HTML
  Lloyd C DOUGLAS (1877-1951)   Norman DOUGLAS (1868-1952)
  • London Street Games (1931)--Text--ZIP
  • Good-bye to Western Culture (1930)--Text--ZIP
  • Experiments (1925)--Text--ZIP
  • Siren Land (1923)--Text--ZIP
  • Birds and Beasts of the Greek Anthology (1927)--HTML
  Ernest Christopher DOWSON (1882-1952)
  • The Dying of Francis Donne and Other Stories--Text--HTML
  Sir Arthur Conan DOYLE (1859-1930)


Illustrated Sherlock Holmes Stories--HTML and EPUB at Roy Glashan's Library
(In addition to the illustrations from the Strand magazine these e-books contain images from several book editions of the Sherlock Holmes stories.)

  • A Sherlock Holmes Omnibus--HTML (3.6mb) This omnibus edition includes Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's four novels and five short-story collections featuring Sherlock Holmes.
  • The Casebook of Sherlock Holmes (1927)--Text--ZIP--HTML
  • A Study in Scarlet--HTML
  • His Last Bow--HTML
  • The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes--HTML
  • The Sign of the Four--HTML
  • The Valley of Fear--HTML
  • The Hound of the Baskervilles--HTML
  • The Memoirs of Sherlock Holmes--HTML
  • The Return of Sherlock Holmes--HTML


  • The Lost World (1912) [with 50 illustrations] --HTML
  • The Poison Belt (1913)--HTML
  • The Land of Mist (1926)--Text--ZIP--HTML
  • The Disintegration Machine (1927)--Text--ZIP--HTML
  • When the World Screamed (1929)--Text--ZIP--HTML


  • The Holocaust of Manor Place (1901)--Text--ZIP--HTML
    [The html version includes a transcript of the Manor Place murder trial.]
  • The Case of Oscar Slater--HTML
    [We have an ebook about this case by William Roughead]
  • The Bravoes of Market Drayton--HTML
  • The Debatable Case of Mrs. Emsley (1901)--Text--ZIP--HTML
  • The Love Affair of George Vincent Parker (1901)--Text--ZIP--HTML
  • The Case of Mr. George Edalji--HTML

BRIGADIER GERARD--Roy Glashan's Library in various formats

  • The Exploits of Brigadier Gerard (illustrated)
  • The Adventures of Gerard (illustrated)
  • Uncle Bernac--A Memory of The Empire

HISTORICAL NOVELS--Roy Glashan's Library in various formats

  • The Great Shadow
  • Micah Clarke
  • The Refugees
  • Rodney Stone (illustrated)
  • Sir Nigel
  • Uncle Bernac
  • The White Company

OTHER NOVELS--Roy Glashan's Library in various formats

  • Beyond The City: The Idyll Of A Suburb
  • The Doings Of Raffles Haw
  • A Duet: With An Occasional Chorus
  • The Firm Of Girdlestone
  • The Mystery Of Cloomber
  • The Stark Munro Letters
  • The Tragedy Of The "Korosko" (illustrated)
  • Hilda Wade (co-author with Grant Allen)
  • Round the Fire Stories--Text--ZIP
  • The Debatable Case of Mrs. Emsley (1901)--Text--ZIP
  • The Love Affair of George Vincent Parker (1901)--Text--ZIP
  • The Great Brown-Pericord Motor--Text--HTML
  • The Brown Hand--Text--HTML
  • The Bully of Brocas Court--Text--HTML
  • Playing with Fire--Text--HTML
  • The Maracot Deep (1929)--Text--ZIP--HTML
  • The Parish Magazine (1930)--Text--ZIP--HTML
  • Danger! and Other Stories--Text--ZIP--HTML
  • Mysteries and Adventures (1889)--Text--ZIP
  • Tales of the Ring and the Camp--Text--ZIP--HTML
  • Tales of Pirates and Blue Water--Text--ZIP--HTML
  • Tales of Terror and Mystery--Text--ZIP--HTML
  • Tales of Twilight and the Unseen--Text--ZIP--HTML
  • Tales of Adventure and Medical Life--Text--ZIP--HTML
  • Tales of Long Ago--Text--ZIP--HTML


  • Collected Stories (A Project Gutenberg Australia compilation)--HTML
  • Collected Stories of Arthur Conan Doyle in 11 Volumes--at Roy Glashan's Library

HISTORY AND POLITICS--also at Roy Glashan's Library in other formats

  • A History of the Great War (Six Volumes)
    The British Campaign in France and Flanders V1--HTML
    The British Campaign in France and Flanders V2--HTML
    The British Campaign in France and Flanders V3--HTML
    The British Campaign in France and Flanders V4--HTML
    The British Campaign in France and Flanders V5--HTML
    The British Campaign in France and Flanders V6--HTML
  • The Great Boer War--HTML
  • A Glimpse of the Army--HTML
  • The War in South Africa--HTML
  • The Crime of the Congo--HTML
  • Great Britain and the Next War--HTML
  • A Visit to Three Fronts--HTML
  •  The German War: Some Sidelights and Reflections (1915)--HTML


ESOTERIC WRITINGS--Articles, Letters and Pamphlets


POETRY AND DRAMA--Roy Glashan's Library in various formats

  • Songs Of Action
  • Songs Of The Road
  • The Guards Came Through and Other Poems
  • A Reminiscence of Cricket (W.G. Grace: A Memory)
  • Sherlock Holmes: A Drama in Four Acts
  • Jane Annie, or: The Good Conduct Prize
  • Waterloo
  • A Pot of Caviare
  • The Speckled Band
  • The Crown Diamond
  • The Journey
  • Foreign Policy
  • Brothers (a.k.a. Halve)
  • A Duet: A Duologue
  • Adventures of Brigadier Gerard
  • The Fires of Fate
  • The House of Temperley
  • Angels of Darkness


  • Through the Magic Door (1907)--HTML
  • The Wanderings of a Spiritualist (1921)--HTML
  • The Duello in France (1890)--HTML
  • My Favourite Novelist and His Best Book (1898)--HTML
  • Life on a Greenland Whaler (1897)--HTML
  • Juvenilia (1894)--HTML
  • Crossing an Alpine Pass on Ski (1894)--HTML
  • The Future of Canadian Literature (1914)--HTML
  • Memories and Adventures (1924)--HTML
  William DRAPER (c.1818-1881)
  • The Hermit Convict (1871)--Text--ZIP--HTML
  Theodore DREISER (1871-1945)
  • An American Tragedy (1925)--Text--ZIP--HTML--EPUB and KINDLE
  • Jennie Gerhardt (1911)--Text --ZIP
  • Free and Other Stories (1918)--HTML
  • The Financier--Text
  • Jennie Gerhardt--Text
  • Sister Carrie--Text
  • The Titan--Text
  • Twelve Men--Text
  John Peter DRUMMOND
  • Bride of the Serpent God--Text--HTML
  • The Nirvana of the Seven Voodoos--Text--HTML
  • Tigress of T'wanbi--Text--HTML
  George du MAURIER (1834-1896)   Charles Harry DUFFIN (fl. 1911)
  • A Manual of the Pwo Karen Dialect--PDF
  John W DUFFIELD (1859-1946) See Roy ROCKWOOD   George DUNDERDALE
  • Book of the Bush--HTML
  Fred DUPREZ (1884-1938)
  • My Wife's Family (A Farcical Comedy in Three Acts)--Text--ZIP
  Edward DYSON (1865-1931) (a.k.a. Silas Snell)


  • Rhymes from the Mines (1896)--Text--ZIP
  • "Hello, Soldier!" Khaki Verse (1919)--Text

Short Stories

  • Below And On Top and other stories (1898)--Text--ZIP
  • Fact'ry 'Ands (1906)--Text--ZIP
  • Benno and Some of the Push: being Further "Fact'ry 'Ands" Stories (1911)--Text--ZIP
  • The Golden Shanty (1911)--Text--ZIP


  • In the Roaring Fifties (1906)--Text
  • The Missing Link (1908)--Text
  • As Luck Would Have It (1924)--Text--ZIP--HTML
  • The Gold-Stealers--Text

E -  Get HELP about accessing ebooks

  George L EATON ('House' name)
  • Bill Barnes Takes a Holiday--Text--ZIP--HTML
  Georg EBERS (1837-1898)
  • A Thorny Path (1894)--HTML
  • Cleopatra (1894)--HTML
  • Homo Sum (1878)--HTML
  • Serapis (1885)--HTML
  Ernst ECKSTEIN (1845-1900)
  •  Quintus Claudius Vol I (1882)--HTML [Translated from the German by Clara BELL (1835-1927)]
  •  Quintus Claudius Vol II (1882)--HTML [Translated from the German by Clara BELL (1835-1927)]
  E R (Eric Rucker) EDDISON (1882-1945)
  • The Worm Ouroboros (1922)--Text--ZIP--HTML
  Charles Henry EDEN
  • Australian Search Party--Text
  Amelia Ann Blandford EDWARDS (1831-1892)
  • The Phantom Coach and other stories--Text--ZIP--HTML
  George ELIOT   Edward S ELLIS
  • The Daughter of the Chieftain--HTML
  • The Life of Kit Carson--HTML
  • The Lost Trail--HTML
  Havelock ELLIS (1859-1939)
  • The Dance of Life (1923)--Text--ZIP
  • Views and Reviews (1932)--HTML
  • Kanga Creek: An Australian Idyll (1938)--Text--ZIP
  Willis George EMERSON (1856-1919)   Gabriel ENGEL (1892-1952)
  • Gustav Mahler, Song Symphonist--Text--ZIP--HTML
  ERCKMANN-CHATRIAN (Emile Erckmann (1822-1899), Alexandre Chatrian (1826-1890)
  • Uncle Christian's Inheritance--Text--HTML
  John ERSKINE (1879-1951)   Robert EUSTACE (Pseudonym of Robert Eustace BARTON) (died 1943) and L T MEADE
  • Followed--Text--ZIP
  • The Secret of Emu Plain--Text--ZIP
  • The Brotherhood of the Seven Kings--Text--ZIP--HTML
  • Madam Sara--Text--ZIP--HTML
  • The Blood-red Cross--Text--ZIP
  • The Face of the Abbot--Text--ZIP

    Diana Marburg

  • The Dead Hand--Text--HTML
  • Finger Tips--Text--HTML
  • Sir Penn Carlyll's Engagement--Text--HTML
  George William EVANS (1780-1852)
  • Two Journals of Early Exploration in New South Wales--HTML
  Hanns Heinz EWERS (1871-1943)
  • The Spider--Text--HTML
  • Other works by this author, in German and English, are available at Roy Glashan's Library
  Edward John EYRE (1815-1901)
  • Journals of Expeditions of Discovery into Central Australia, etc., Volume 1 and 2--HTML
  • (An account of the manners and customs of the Aborigines and the state of their relations with Europeans is also included in Volume 2, above.)

F -  Get HELP about accessing ebooks


Jeffery FARNOL (1878-1952)

  • Black Coffee--Text--ZIP--HTML
  •  The Money Moon (1911)--HTML--EPUB and KINDLE
  • The Loring Mystery (1924)--Text--ZIP
  • The Quest of Youth (1927)--Text--ZIP
  • Adam Penfeather, Buccaneer: his Early Exploits (1940)--Text--ZIP
  •  Heritage Perilous (1946)--HTML--EPUB and KINDLE
  Frereric W FARRAR (1831-1903)
  • Eric, or Little by Little (1858)--HTML
  • Julian Home - A Tale of College Life (1859)--HTML
  • St. Winifred's, or The World of School (1862)--HTML
  • Darkness and Dawn (1891)--HTML
  • Gathering Clouds (1895)--HTML
  Ernest FAVENC (1845-1908)
  • The History of Australian Exploration--Text--ZIP --HTML
  • The Explorers of Australia and their Life-work--HTML
  • Tales of the Austral Tropics (1894)--Text--ZIP--HTML (This ebook contains a number of stories from "The Last of Six", Tales of the Austral Tropics which was published in 1893, a year before Tales of the Austral Tropics. The Table of Contents for "The Last of Six", Tales of the Austral Tropics is also included.)
  • The Moccasins of Silence--Text--ZIP--HTML
  • A Romance of Kangaroo Point--Text--ZIP--HTML (writing as "Dramingo")
  • The Mystery of a Wheel-Barrow, or, Gaboriau Gaborooed (1888)--HTML
    [a parody of "The Mystery of a Hansom Cab" by Fergus Hume]
  Enrico FERMI (1901-1954)
  • Thermodynamics (1937)--PDF (5mb)
  William Moore FERRAR (1823-1906) [writing as Ferdinand FERNTREE]
  •  The Maxwells of Bremgarten: A Story of Tasmania Founded on Facts (1867)--Text--ZIP-- HTML
  Barron FIELD (1786-1846)
  • Geographical Memoirs on New South Wales (1825)--HTML
  Eugene FIELD (1817-1887)   Rachel FIELD (1894-1942)   A FIELDING
  • Tragedy at Beechcroft--Text--ZIP
  Ronald FIRBANK (1886-1926)
  • Sorrow in Sunlight, (alternatively entitled "Prancing Nigger")--Text--ZIP
  F Scott FITZGERALD (1896-1940)


Short Stories

  • The Pusher-in-the-Face (1925)--HTML
  • The Adjuster (1926)--HTML
  • Hot and Cold Blood  (1926)--HTML
  • Presumption (1926)--HTML
  • A Snobbish Story (1930)--HTML
  • Shaggy's Morning (1935)--HTML
  • Three Acts of Music (1936)--HTML
  • Too Cute for words (1936)--HTML
  • The Guest in Room Nineteen (1937)--HTML
  • Strange Sanctuary (1939)--HTML
  • The Complete Pat Hobby Stories--Text --ZIP--HTML--EPUB and KINDLE
  • Collected Stories--HTML--EPUB and KINDLE
  Lala Richardson FISHER (1872-1929) (as Editor)
  • By Creek and Gully (1899)--HTML
  Gustave FLAUBERT (1821-1880)
  • Madame Bovary (1856)--at Roy Glashan's Library
  • Salammbo (1862)--HTML [Translated by J S Chartres]
  • Herodias (1877)--HTML
  J S (Joseph Smith) FLETCHER (1863-1935)
  • The New Sun--Text--ZIP--HTML
  • The Other Sense--Text--ZIP--HTML
  • The Lighthouse on Shivering Sand--Text--ZIP--HTML
  • The Ivory God--Text--ZIP--HTML
  • The Safety Pin (1924)--Text--ZIP
  • The Paradise Mystery--Text
  • The Middle Temple Murder (1919)--Text
  • Perris of the Cherry-trees--Text--ZIP
  Matthew FLINDERS
  • A Voyage to Terra Australis (Vol. 1.)--HTML
    (Includes an account of Bass and Flinders discoveries on the east coast of Australia--See Part II.)
  • A Voyage to Terra Australis (Vol. 2.)--HTML
  • Observations on the Coasts of Van Diemen's Land, on Bass's Strait, etc.--Text--ZIP--PDF (page images)--HTML
  • An Expedition through Bass's Strait--HTML
  Jessie Graham FLOWER
  • Grace Harlowe's Overland Riders on the Great American Desert--HTML
  George FORBES (1857-1936)
  • Under the Broad Arrow (1912)--Text--ZIP--HTML
  • The Flogging Parson (1913)--Text--ZIP--HTML
  Hulbert FOOTNER (1879-1944)

Madame Storey

  • Dangerous Cargo--HTML (Novel)
  • Easy to Kill--Text--ZIP--HTML--EPUB and KINDLE (Novel)
  • Madame Storey--HTML--EPUB and KINDLE (Stories: The Ashcomb Poor Case, The Scrap of Lace, The Smoke Bandit, In the Round Room)
  • Madame Storey Intervenes--Text--ZIP--HTML (Short Story)
  • Madame Storey's Way (a.k.a. The Ashcomb Poor Case)--Text--ZIP--HTML (Novella)
  • Putting Crime Over--HTML (Novella)
  • The Almost Perfect Murder--HTML--EPUB and KINDLE (Stories: The Almost Perfect Murder, Murder in Masquerade (The Butler's Ball), The Death Notice, Taken for a Ride, It Never Got into the Papers)
  • The Casual Murderer--HTML (Stories: The Casual Murderer, The Blind Front, The Almost Perfect Murder, Murder in Masquerade, The Death Notice, Taken for a Ride, It Never Got into the Papers)
  • The Doctor Who Held Hands (a.k.a. The Black Ace)--HTML--EPUB and KINDLE (Novel)
  • The Handsome Young Men--HTML (Novella)
  • The Kidnapping of Madame Storey--HTML--EPUB and KINDLE (Stories: Madame Storey's Gigolo, The Scent of almonds, Pink-Eye, The Kidnapping of Madame Storey, The Murders in the Hotel Cathay)
  • The Richest Widow--HTML (Novella)
  • The Under Dogs--HTML--EPUB and KINDLE (Novel)
  • The Velvet Hand--HTML--EPUB and KINDLE (Stories: The Viper, The Steerers, The Pot of Pansies, The Legacy Hounds)
  • The Viper--HTML (Stories: The Viper, The Steerers, The Handsome Young Men)

Amos Lee Mappin

Other Works

  Ford Madox FORD [born Ford Hermann HEUFFER] (1873-1939)


Non Fiction

  • The English Novel from the Earliest Days to the Death of Joseph Conrad (1930)--HTML
  Henry FORD (1863-1947) in collaboration with Samuel CROWTHER (1880-1947)
  • Moving Forward (1931)--HTML
  John and Alexander FORREST
  • Explorations in Australia--HTML
  Mary FORTUNE (c.1833-c.1910)

Other stories and formats are available from Roy Glashan's Library

Mark Sinclair

  • The Detective's Dream (1886)--HTML
  • Hereditary (1871)--HTML

Other Stories

  • My Lodger (18??)--Text--HTML
  • Monk's Mark (1882)--HTML
  • Traces of Crime (18??)--Text--HTML
  • The White Maniac - A Doctor's Tale (18??)--Text--HTML
  John Monk FOSTER (1857-1930)
  • A Miner's Million (1888)--Text--ZIP--HTML
  • A Pit-Brow Lassie (1889)--Text--ZIP--HTML
  • The White Gipsy (1893)--Text--ZIP--HTML
  • The Watchman of Orsden Moss (1897)--Text--ZIP--HTML
  • A Slave of the Ring (1898)--Text--ZIP--HTML
  • Judith of the Red Hand (1901)--Text--ZIP--HTML
  Hugh FOULIS (1864-1930) (Pseudonym of Neil MUNRO)
  • The Vital Spark--Text--ZIP--HTML
  • In Highland Harbours with Para Handy--Text--ZIP--HTML
  • Hurricane Jack of the Vital Spark--Text--ZIP--HTML
  Frank FOWLER (1833-1863)
  • Southern Lights and Shadows--Text--ZIP--HTML
  Joseph FOWLES   John FOX
  • A Cumberland Vendetta--HTML
  • A Knight of the Cumberland--HTML
  • Hell Fer Sartain and Other Stories--HTML
  • The Heart Of The Hills--HTML
  • The Last Stetson--HTML
  • The Little Shepherd of Kingdom Come--HTML
  • The Trail of the Lonesome Pine--HTML
  Anatole FRANCE (1844-1924)   Gilbert FRANKAU (1884-1952)
  • Who Killed Castelvetri?--Text--ZIP--HTML
  Sir John FRANKLIN (1786-1847)
  • Some Passages in the History of Van Diemen's Land--Text--ZIP
  Miles FRANKLIN (1879-1954)

     Under the pseudonym "Brent of Bin Bin"

  W A (William Alexander) FRASER (1859-1933)
  • Bulldog Carney--HTML
  • Owners Up--HTML
  • The Gold Wolf--HTML
  Mary Eleanor Wilkins FREEMAN (1852-1930)
  • A Gentle Ghost and Other Stories--Text--ZIP--HTML
  R Austin FREEMAN (1862-1943)

Dr. Thorndyke

  • The Red Thumb Mark (1907)--HTML--EPUB and KINDLE
  • The Eye of Osiris (1911), a.k.a. The Vanishing Man--Text--ZIP--HTML--EPUB and KINDLE
  • The Mystery of 31 New Inn (1912)--HTML--EPUB and KINDLE
  • A Silent Witness (1914)--Text--ZIP--HTML--EPUB and KINDLE
  • Helen Vardon's Confession (1922)--Text--ZIP--HTML--EPUB and KINDLE
  • The Cat's Eye (1923)--Text--ZIP--HTML--EPUB and KINDLE
  • The Mystery of Angelina Frood (1924)--Text--ZIP--HTML--EPUB and KINDLE
  • The Shadow of the Wolf (1925)--Text--ZIP--HTML--EPUB and KINDLE
  • The D'Arblay Mystery (1926)--Text--ZIP--HTML--EPUB and KINDLE
  • A Certain Dr Thorndyke (1927)--Text--ZIP--HTML--EPUB and KINDLE
  • As a Thief in the Night (1928)--Text--ZIP--HTML--EPUB and KINDLE
  • Dr Thorndyke Short Story Omnibus (1928), a.k.a. The Famous Cases of Dr. Thorndyke--Text--ZIP--HTML
    --incorporates all stories from 5 short story collections, together with 2 other stories:
    John Thorndyke's Cases (a.k.a. Dr. Thorndyke's Cases) (1909)--HTML--EPUB and KINDLE
    The Singing Bone (a.k.a. The Adventures of Dr. Thorndyke) (1912)--HTML--EPUB and KINDLE
    Dr. Thorndyke's Case-Book (a.k.a. The Blue Scarab) (1923)--HTML--EPUB and KINDLE
    The Puzzle lock (1925)--HTML--EPUB and KINDLE
    The Magic Casket (1927)--HTML--EPUB and KINDLE
    Percival Bland's Proxy (1913)--HTML
    The Missing Mortgagee (1914)--HTML
  • Mr. Pottermack's Oversight (1930)--Text--ZIP--HTML--EPUB and KINDLE
  • Dr Thorndyke Investigates (1930)--Text--ZIP--HTML--EPUB and KINDLE
  • Pontifex Son and Thorndyke (1931)--Text--ZIP--HTML--EPUB and KINDLE
  • When Rogues Fall Out (1932), a.k.a. Dr Thorndyke's Discovery--Text--ZIP--HTML--EPUB and KINDLE
  • Dr Thorndyke Intervenes (1933)--Text--ZIP--HTML--EPUB and KINDLE
  • For the Defence, Dr. Thorndyke (1934)--Text--ZIP--HTML--EPUB and KINDLE
  • The Penrose Mystery (1936)--Text--ZIP--HTML--EPUB and KINDLE
  • Felo de Se? (1937), a.k.a. Death at the Inn--Text--ZIP--HTML--EPUB and KINDLE
  • The Stoneware Monkey (1938)--Text--ZIP--HTML--EPUB and KINDLE
  • Mr Polton Explains (1940)--Text--ZIP--HTML--EPUB and KINDLE
  • Dr Thorndyke's Crime File (1941)--Text--ZIP--HTML
  • The Jacob Street Mystery (1942), a.k.a. The Unconscious Witness--Text--ZIP--HTML--EPUB and KINDLE

Other Works

  •  Flighty Phyllis (1928)--HTML
  • The Exploits of Danby Croker (1916)--HTML
  • The Golden Pool (1905)--HTML
  • The Great Portrait Mystery and Other Stories (1918)--Text--ZIP--HTML
  • The Surprising Experiences of Mr Shuttlebury Cobb (1927)--HTML
  • The Unwilling Adventurer (1913)--HTML
  • The Uttermost Farthing (1914), a.k.a. A Savant's Vendetta--Text--ZIP--HTML

By Clifford ASHDOWN  [Pseudonym of R Austin FREEMAN and John James PITCAIRN (1860-1936)]

  • "Romney Pringle"
    The Adventures of Romney Pringle (1902)--HTML
    The Further Adventures of Romney Pringle (1903)--HTML
    The Assyrian Rejuvenator--Text--ZIP--HTML (Also included in The Adventures of Romney Pringle)
    The Silkworms of Florence--Text--ZIP (Also included in The Further Adventures of Romney Pringle)
    The Submarine Boat--Text--ZIP--HTML (Also included in The Further Adventures of Romney Pringle)
  • Other Works
    From a Surgeon's Diary (1904-5)--HTML [Short Story Collection]

By R Austin Freeman and Ashdown Piers

  • By the Black Deep (1903)--HTML [Short Story]
  Robert Dean FRISBIE (1895-1948)   Tobias FURNEAUX (1735-1781)
  • Captain Furneaux's Narrative, with some Account of Van Diemen's Land--HTML
  Joseph FURPHY (1843-1912) See Tom COLLINS   Jacques FUTRELLE (1875-1912)
  • The Haunted Bell--Text--HTML
  • The Problem of Cell 13--Text--HTML
  • The Diamond Master (1909)--Text
  • Tales of the Thinking Machine and Other Stories--Text--ZIP
  Herbert C FYFE
  • How will the World End--Text--HTML

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  • File No. 113--Text
  • Monsieur Lecoq--Text
  • The Mystery of Orcival--Text
  • The Widow Lerouge--Text
  John GALSWORTHY (1867-1933)
  • A Modern Comedy [Second Trilogy of the Forsyte Saga]

Book 1 - The White Monkey (1924)--Text--ZIP --HTML--EPUB and KINDLE
Book 2 - The Silver Spoon (1926) (Including the interlude, A Silent Wooing)--Text--ZIP --HTML--EPUB and KINDLE
Book 3 - Swan Song (1928) (Including the interlude, Passersby)--Text--ZIP --HTML--EPUB and KINDLE

  • End of the Chapter [Third Trilogy of the Forsyte Saga

Book 1 - Maid in Waiting (1935)--Text--ZIP--HTML--EPUB and KINDLE
Book 2 - Flowering Wilderness (1935)--Text--ZIP--HTML--EPUB and KINDLE
Book 3 - Over the River (One More River) (1935)--Text--ZIP--HTML--EPUB and KINDLE

  • On Forsyte 'Change (1930)--Text--ZIP--HTML
  • The Authentic Life of Billy the kid--HTML
  Arthur GASK (1869-1951)
  Gilbert Larose, detective [novels + 1 short story as indicated]
  • Cloud The Smiter (Larose has minor role) (1926)--Text--ZIP--HTML
  • The Dark Highway (1928)--Text--ZIP--HTML
  • The Lonely House (1929)--Text--ZIP--HTML
  • The Shadow of Larose (1930)--Text--ZIP--HTML
  • The House on the Island (1931)--Text--ZIP--HTML
  • Gentlemen of Crime (1932)--Text--ZIP--HTML
  • The Hidden Door (1934)--Text--ZIP--HTML
  • The Judgment of Larose (1934)-Text--ZIP--HTML
  • The Poisoned Goblet (1935)--Text--ZIP--HTML
  • The Hangman's Knot (1935)--Text--ZIP--HTML
  • The Master Spy (1936)--Text--ZIP--HTML
  • The Jest of Life (1936)--Text--ZIP--HTML
  • The Night of the Storm (1937)--Text--ZIP--HTML
  • The Grave-digger of Monks Arden (1938)--Text--ZIP--HTML
  • The Vengeance of Larose (1939)--Text--ZIP--HTML
  • The Destroyer (1939) [Short Story]--Text--ZIP--HTML
  • The House on the Fens (1940)--Text--ZIP--HTML
  • The Tragedy of the Silver Moon (1940)--Text--ZIP--HTML
  • The Beachy Head Murder (1941)--Text--ZIP--HTML
  • His Prey was Man (1942)--Text--ZIP--HTML
  • The Man of Death (1945)--Text--ZIP--HTML
  • The Dark Mill Stream (1947)--Text--ZIP--HTML
  • The House with the High Wall (1948)--Text--ZIP--HTML
  • The Storm Breaks (1949)--Text--ZIP--HTML
  • The Silent Dead (1950)--Text--ZIP--HTML [The story is set in the early 1930s and in the sequence of his stories would probably fit in after The House on the Island]
  • The Vaults of Blackarden Castle (1950)--Text--ZIP--HTML
  • Marauders by Night, Arthur Gask (1951)--Text--ZIP--HTML

Other Novels

  • The Secret of the Sandhills (1921)--Text--ZIP--HTML
  • The Red Paste Murders (Murder in the Night)(1924)--Text--ZIP--HTML
  • The Secret of the Garden (1924)--Text--ZIP--HTML
  • The Fall of a Dictator (1938)--Text--ZIP--HTML

Short Stories

  • The Martyr on the Land (1935)--Text--ZIP--HTML
  • The Passion Years (1936)--Text--ZIP--HTML
  • The Will (1944)--Text--ZIP--HTML
  • Buggy's Babies (1944)--Text--ZIP--HTML
  • Ghosts (1944)--Text--ZIP--HTML
  • Seedtime and Harvest (1944)--Text--ZIP--HTML
  • The Amazing Adventure of Marmaduke (1944)--Text--ZIP--HTML
  • The Lottery Ticket (1944)--Text--ZIP--HTML
  • The Mark of Honor (1944)--Text--ZIP--HTML
  • The Hatton Garden Crime (1945)--Text--ZIP--HTML
  • The Way of Chance (1945)--Text--ZIP--HTML
  • Black Market (1945)--Text--ZIP--HTML
  • The Bishop's Dilemma (1948)--Text--ZIP--HTML
  Elizabeth GASKELL (1810-1865)
  • Lois the Witch--Text--ZIP--HTML
  • The Grey Woman--Text--ZIP--HTML
  • The Old Nurse's Story and Other Tales--Text--ZIP--HTML
  Mary GAUNT (1861-1942)
  • A Wind from the Wilderness (1919)--Text--ZIP--HTML
  • Dave's Sweetheart --Text--ZIP--HTML
  • Deadman's (1898)--Text--ZIP--HTML
  • Down in the World--Text--ZIP--HTML
  • End of the Earth (Short Stories)--Text--ZIP
  • Kirkham's Find--Text--ZIP
  • Mistress Betty Carew (Some passages in the life of Mr. George Bass)--Text--ZIP--HTML
  • The Doctor's Drive--Text--ZIP--HTML (Includes A Scrap of Autobiography)
  • The Moving Finger--Text
  • The Other Man--Text--ZIP--HTML
  •  The Uncounted Cost (1910)--Text--ZIP--HTML
  • Joan of the Pilchard (1930)--Text--ZIP--HTML
  Theophile GAUTIER (1811-1872)
  • Jettatura--Text--ZIP--HTML
  • The Mummy's Foot and Other Stories--Text--ZIP--HTML
  Edward GIBBON (1737-1794)   Lewis Grassic GIBBON (pseudonym of James Leslie Mitchell) (1901-1935)
  • A Scots Quair--HTML
    A trilogy comprising:--
    Sunset Song (1932)
    Cloud Howe (1933)
    Grey Granite (1934)
  Floyd GIBBONS (1887-1939)
  • The Red Knight of Germany--Text--ZIP--HTML
    [The Story of Baron von Richthofen, Germany's Great War "Bird"]
  Kahlil GIBRAN (1883-1931)
  • The Prophet (1923)--Text--ZIP--HTML
  • Jesus the Son of Man (1928)--Text--ZIP--HTML
  • A Tear and a Smile (1914)--Text--ZIP--HTML
  • The Broken Wings (1912)--Text--ZIP--HTML
  • The Earth Gods (1931)--Text--ZIP--HTML
  • The Forerunner (1920)--Text--ZIP--HTML
  • The Garden of the Prophet (1933)--Text--ZIP--HTML
  • Lazarus and his Beloved (1929)--Text--ZIP--HTML
  • The Madman (1918)--Text--ZIP--HTML
  • Sand and Foam (1926)--Text--ZIP--HTML
  • Spirits Rebellious (1903)--Text--ZIP--HTML
  • The Wanderer (1932)--Text--ZIP--HTML
  J U (John Ulrich) GIESY (1877-1948)

"Semi Dual" Series

"Jason Croft" Series

  • Palos of the Dog Star Pack (1918)--HTML
    The Mouthpiece of Zitu (1919)--HTML
    Jason, Son of Jason (1921)--HTML
  Robert Murray GILCHRIST (1868-1917)
  • Witch In-Grain--Text--HTML
  Ernest GILES
  • Australia Twice Traversed--HTML
  Herbert A GILES (1845-1935)
  • A History of Chinese Literature--Text--ZIP
  • Gems of Chinese Literature: Prose--Text--ZIP
  • Gems of Chinese Literature: Verse--Text--ZIP
  Charlotte Perkins GILMAN (1860-1935)
  • Collected Stories--Text--HTML
  • The Yellow Wallpaper--Text
  • What Diantha Did--Text
  • Our Androcentric Culture--Text
  • Herland--Text
  David Chandler GILMORE
  • A grammar of the Sgaw Karen--
  George GISSING
  • Born In Exile--Text
  • New Grub Street--Text
  Ellen GLASGOW (1873-1945)   William GODWIN (1756-1836)   Nikolai GOGOL (1809-1852)   Adam Lindsay GORDON
  • The Poems of Adam Lindsay Gordon--Text
  Maxim GORKY
  • Mother--Text
William Christie GOSSE (1842-1881)
  • W C Gosse's Explorations, 1873--HTML
  Robert GOUGER (1802-1846)
  • A Letter from Sydney, the Principal Town of Australasia (1829)--HTML
    [by Edward Gibbon Wakefield, edited by Robert Gouger]
  Jocelyn Henry Clive 'Harry' GRAHAM (1874-1936)
  • Lord Bellinger--Text--ZIP
  John W GRAHAM Neaera: A Tale of Ancient Rome--HTML   Kenneth GRAHAME
  • The Wind in the Willows--Text
  James GRANT (1772-1833)
  • Voyage of Discovery to N.S.W. in the Lady Nelson in 1800-2 (1803)--HTML
  Arthur GRAY (1852-1940)
  • The Everlasting Club--Text--HTML
  Anna Katharine GREEN (1846-1935)

Detective and Mystery

  • The Sword of Damocles: A Story of New York Life (1881)--HTML
  • XYZ: A Detective Story (1883)--HTML
  • The Mill Mystery (1886)--Text--HTML
  • Seven to Twelve [Includes "One Hour More"] (1887)--HTML
  • The Forsaken Inn (1890)--HTML
  • Cynthia Wakeham's Money (1892)--HTML
  • The Filigree Ball: An Account of the Solution of the Mystery Concerning the Jeffrey-Moore Affair (1903)--Text--HTML
  • The Amethyst Box (1905)--HTML
  • The House in the Mist [Includes "The Ruby and the Caldron"] (1905)--HTML
  • The Millionaire Baby (1905)--Text--HTML
  • The Chief Legatee (1906)--HTML
  • The Mayor's Wife (1907)--HTML
  • Three Thousand Dollars (1910)--HTML
  • Dark Hollow (1914)--HTML
  • The Step on the Stair (1923)--HTML

Ebenezer Gryce

  • The Leavenworth Case (1878)--Text--HTML
  • A Strange Disappearance (1879)--HTML
  • Hand and Ring (1883)--HTML
  • Behind Closed Doors (1888)--HTML
  • The Doctor, his Wife and the Clock (1895)--HTML
  • That Affair Next Door (1897)--see below, under 'Amelia Butterworth'
  • Lost Man's Lane (1898)--see below, under 'Amelia Butterworth'
  • The Circular Study (1900)--see below, under 'Amelia Butterworth'
  • One of My Sons (1901)--HTML
  • Initials Only (1911)--HTML
  • The Mystery of the Hasty Arrow (1917)--Text--HTML

Amelia Butterworth

  • That Affair Next Door (1897)--Text--HTML
  • Lost Man's Lane (1898)--HTML
  • The Circular Study (1900)--HTML

Caleb Sweetwater 

  • Agatha Webb (1899)--HTML
  • The Woman in the Alcove (1906)--HTML
  • The House of the Whispering Pines (1910)--HTML

Short Stories

  • Eleven Possible Cases [stories by Green and ten other authors] (1891)--HTML
  • The Old Stone House and Other Stories (1891)--HTML
  • A Difficult Problem (1900)--HTML
  • Masterpieces of Mystery (1913)--HTML
  • The Golden Slipper and Other Problems for Violet Strange (1915)--Text--HTML
  • To the Minute: Two Tales of Life's Perplexities (1916)--To the Minute and Scarlet and Black  (1916)--HTML
  • Room Number 3 (1919)--HTML


  • The Defence of the Bride and Other Poems (1882)--HTML
  John Owen GREENE (1823-1911) Frank and Augustus GREGORY
  • Journals of Australian Explorations--HTML
  George GREY
  • Journals of Two Expeditions of Discovery in North-West and Western Australia Vol. 1--HTML
  • Journals of Two Expeditions of Discovery in North-West and Western Australia Vol. 2--HTML
  Zane GREY (1872-1939)

   Non Fiction

  • Tales of Fishes (1919)--Text--HTML
  • Tales Of Fishing Virgin Seas (1925)--HTML
  • Tales of the Angler's El Dorado, New Zealand (1926)--Text--ZIP--HTML--EPUB and KINDLE
  • Tales of Swordfish and Tuna (1927)--HTML
  • An American Angler in Australia (1937)--Text--ZIP--HTML--EPUB and KINDLE
  • Tales of Lonely Trails (1922)--HTML
  • Roping Lions in the Grand Canyon (1924)--HTML

   The Ohio River Trilogy

  • Betty Zane--HTML
  • The Spirit of the Border--HTML
  • The Last Trail--HTML

   The Purple Sage Series

  • Riders of the Purple Sage (1912)--HTML
  • The Rainbow Trail (1915)--HTML (Republished as The Desert Crucible in 2003.)
  • The Lone Star Ranger (1915)--HTML
  • The Border Legion (1916)--HTML (Republished as Cabin Gulch)

   Baseball Stories

  • The Redheaded Outfield and Other Baseball Stories--HTML
  • The Shortstop (1937)--Text--ZIP
  • The Young Pitcher--Text

   Other Novels

  • The Last of the Plainsmen (1908)--HTML
  • The Heritage of the Desert (1910)--HTML
  • Desert Gold (1913)--HTML (Republished as Shower of Gold)
  • The Light of Western Stars (1913)--HTML
  • The Rustlers of Pecos County (1914)--HTML
  • Wildfire (1916)--HTML
  • The Man of the Forest (1917)--HTML (Republished as Dorn of the Mountains)
  • The U.P. Trail (1917)--HTML (Republished as Union Pacific)
  • The Desert of Wheat (1918)--HTML
  • The Mysterious Rider (1919)--HTML
  • To The Last Man (1921)--HTML
  • The Call of the Canyon (1921)--HTML--EPUB and KINDLE
  • The Day Of The Beast (1922)--HTML
  • Code of the West (1923)--at Roy Glashan's Library
  • Wanderer of the Wasteland (1923)--Text--ZIP--HTML
  • Captives of the Desert (Desert Bound) (1925)--at Roy Glashan's Library
  • The Vanishing American (1925)--HTML
  • The Thundering Herd (1925)--Text--ZIP--HTML---EPUB and KINDLE (Republished as Buffalo Stampede)
    (A short story, "The Buffalo Hunter", appears to be a condensed version of this novel.)
  • Forlorn River (1926)--at Roy Glashan's Library
  • Under the Tonto Rim (1926)--Text--ZIP--HTML--EPUB and KINDLE
  • Nevada (1927)--Text--ZIP--HTML--EPUB and KINDLE
  • Valley of Wild Horses (1927)--Text--HTML
  • Avalanche (1928)--at Roy Glashan's Library
  • The Shepherd of Guadaloupe (1930)--Text--ZIP--HTML
  • Arizona Ames (1931)--at Roy Glashan's Library
  • Raiders of Spanish Peaks (1931)--at Roy Glashan's Library
  •  Sunset Pass (Unabridged (1931)--HTML
  • Sunset Pass (Magazine Abridgement) (1953)--Text--ZIP--HTML--EPUB and KINDLE
  • The Trail Driver (1931)--at Roy Glashan's Library
  • Robbers' Roost (1932)--Text--ZIP--HTML--EPUB and KINDLE
  • The Young Runaway (Republished as Wyoming) (1932)--HTML
  • Thunder Mountain (1932)--at Roy Glashan's Library
  • West of the Pecos (1932)--at Roy Glashan's Library
  • The Drift Fence (1933)--Text--ZIP--HTML
  • The Hash-knife Outfit (1933)(sequel to The Drift Fence)--Text--ZIP--HTML--EPUB and KINDLE
  • The Horse Thief (1934) [Novella]--HTML
  • Knights of the Range (1936)--at Roy Glashan's Library
  • Majesty's Rancho (1937)--HTML
  • Twin Sombreros (Unabridged) (1940)--HTML
  • Twin Sombreros (Magazine Abridgement) (1949)--Text--ZIP--HTML--EPUB and KINDLE
  • 30,000 on the Hoof (1940)--Text--ZIP--HTML--EPUB and KINDLE (Republished as Woman of the Frontier)
  • Wilderness Trek (1944)--Text--ZIP--HTML-EPUB and KINDLE
  • Lost Pueblo (1954)--Text--ZIP--HTML--EPUB and KINDLE

   Books for Young Readers

   Short Fiction

  • War Birds: Diary of an Unknown Aviator--Author unknown--Text--ZIP
  Walter Burley GRIFFIN (1876-1937)
  • The Federal Capital. Report Explanatory of the Preliminary General Plan (1913)--HTML
  George GRIFFITH (1857-1906)
  • Other novels and short fiction are available from Roy Glashan's Library in various formats.
  • The Angel of the Revolution--Text--ZIP--HTML
  • Olga Romanoff--Text--ZIP--HTML
  • Five Hundred Carats (1893)--HTML

    The Adventures of Rollo Aubrey, Earl of Redgrave, and his bride, Lilla Zaidie (in sequential order):

  • A Visit to the Moon--Text--HTML
  • The World of the War God--Text--HTML
  • A Glimpse of the Sinless Star--Text--HTML
  • The World of the Crystal Cities--Text--HTML
  • In Saturn's Realm--Text--HTML
  • Homeward Bound--Text--HTML
  • A Honeymoon in Space--Text--ZIP--HTML
  • The World Peril of 1910--Text--ZIP--HTML
  • The Romance of Golden Star--Text--ZIP--HTML
  • The Raid of Le Vengeur--Text--HTML
  • From Pole to Pole--Text--HTML
  • A Corner in Lightning--Text--HTML
  Beatrice GRIMSHAW (1870-1953) The New New Guinea (1911)--HTML   Augusta GRONER
  • The Case of the Golden Bullet--Text
  • The Case of The Lamp That Went Out--Text
  • The Case of the Registered Letter--Text
  • The Pocket Diary Found in the Snow--Text
  • The Pool of Blood in the Pastor's Study--Text
  George and Weedon GROSSMITH
  • The Diary of a Nobody--Text
  Frederick Philip GROVE (1879-1948)
  • Settlers of the Marsh (1925)--Text--ZIP--HTML
  • Our Daily Bread (1928)--Text--ZIP--HTML
  • The Master of the Mill (1944)--Text--ZIP--HTML
  • Consider Her Ways (1947)--Text--ZIP--HTML
  • A Search for America (1927)--Text--ZIP--HTML
  • Fruits of the Earth (1933)--Text--ZIP--HTML
  • It Needs to be Said... (1929) (Non-fiction essays)--Text--ZIP
  • The Yoke of Life--Text--ZIP
  F B GUTHRIE (1861-1927)
  • William J Farrer and the Results of his Work--HTML

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  H Rider HAGGARD (1856-1925)

[See Roy Glashan's Library for other formats for all titles listed]

Allan Quatermain

  • King Solomon's Mines (1885)--HTML--EPUB and KINDLE
  • Allan Quatermain (1887)
  • Allan's Wife (1887)
  • Maiwa's Revenge (1888)
  • Marie (1912)
  • Child of Storm (1913)
  • The Holy Flower (1915)
  • Finished (1916)
  • The Ivory Child (1916)
  • The Ancient Allan (1920)
  • She and Allan (1921)
  • Heu-Heu, or The Monster (1924)--HTML
  • The Treasure of The Lake (1926)--Text--ZIP--HTML
  • Allan and The Ice Gods (1927)--Text--ZIP--HTML


  • She (1886)
  • Ayesha - The Return of She (1905)
  • She and Allan (1921)
  • Wisdom's Daughter (1923)--Text--ZIP--HTML

Other Fiction

  • Beatrice (1890)
  • Belshazzar (1926)--Text--ZIP
  • Benita (1906)
  • Black Heart And White Heart (1900)
  • The Brethren (1904)
  • Cleopatra (1889)--HTML
  • Colonel Quaritch, V.C. (1888)
  • Dawn (1884)
  • Doctor Therne (1898)
  • Eric Brighteyes (1890)
  • Fair Margaret (1907)
  • The Ghost Kings (1908)
  • Heart Of The World (1894)--Text--ZIP
  • Jess (1887)
  • Joan Haste (1895)--Text--ZIP
  • The Lady Of Blossholme (1909)
  • Love Eternal (19(18)
  • Lysbeth (1900)
  • The Mahatma And The Hare (1911)
  • Mary Of Marion Isle (1929)--Text--ZIP
  • Montezuma's Daughter (1893)
  • Moon Of Israel (19(18)
  • Morning Star (1910)
  • Mr Meeson's Will (1888)
  • Nada The Lily (1892)
  • Pearl Maiden (1903)
  • The People Of The Mist (1894)
  • Queen Of The Dawn (1925)--Text--ZIP
  • Queen Sheba's Ring (1909)
  • Red Eve (1911)
  • Smith And The Paraohs (1920)
  • Stella Fregelius (1903)
  • Swallow (1899)
  • The Virgin Of The Sun (1922)
  • The Wanderer's Necklace (1914)
  • The Way Of The Spirit (1905)--Text--ZIP
  • When The World Shook (19(19)
  • The Witch's Head (1884)--Text--ZIP
  • The World's Desire (1890)
  • The Yellow God (1908)

Non Fiction

  • Cetywayo And His White Neighbours (1882)
  • Regeneration: The Salvation Army In Great Britain (1910)
  • The Days of My Life-Volume 1--An Autobiography (1926)--Text--ZIP
  • The Days of My Life-Volume 2--An Autobiography (1926)--Text--ZIP
  • The Days of My Life - An Autobiography (Complete) (1926)
  • A Winter Pilgrimage (1901)--Text--ZIP
  Charles Curtz HAHN
  • The Wreck of the South Pole and Other Strange Tales--Text--ZIP--HTML
  • Dust--HTML
  Ann (Anna) Maria HALL (1800-1881)   James HALL
  • Legends of the West--HTML
  • The Harpe's Head: A Legend of Kentucky--HTML
  James Norman HALL (1887-1951) and Charles NORDHOFF (1887-1947)
  • The Bounty Trilogy (Wyeth Edition, 1945)
    Comprising the Three Volumes:
    Mutiny on the Bounty (1932)--Text--ZIP--HTML
    Men Against the Sea (1933)--Text--ZIP--HTML
    Pitcairn's Island (1934)--Text--ZIP--HTML
  Radclyffe HALL (1880-1943)   Edwin HALSTEAD -- See Edwin James WELCH   William Mogford HAMLET (1850-1931)   Knut HAMSUN
  • Growth of the Soil--Text
  • Hunger--Text
  • Pan--Text
  • Wanderers--Text
  Thomas W HANSHEW (1857-1914)

Hamilton Cleek

Co-authored by Mary E. HANSHEW (1852-1927)

  Thomas HARDY (1840-1928)   Augustus HARE (1834-1903)
  • The Vampire of Croglin Grange--Text--HTML
  Edward Norman HARRIS (1860-1947)
  • A Star in the East: American Baptist Missions to the Karens of Burma-Text--ZIP--HTML
  Frank HARRIS (1856-1931)
  • Confessional--Text--ZIP
  • Montes the Matador and Other Stories--HTML
  Charles Yale HARRISON (1898-1954)   Bret HARTE
  • A Waif of the Plains--HTML
  • Brown of Calaveras--HTML
  • By Shore and Sedge--HTML
  • Clarence--HTML
  • Condensed Novels--HTML
  • Cressy--HTML
  • Devil's Ford--HTML
  • Drift from Two Shores--HTML
  • Flip: A California Romance--HTML
  • Found At Blazing Star--HTML
  • From Sand Hill to Pine--HTML
  • In a Hollow of the Hills--HTML
  • In The Carquinez Woods--HTML
  • Maruja--HTML
  • Mr. Jack Hamlin's Mediation--HTML
  • New Burlesques--HTML
  • On the Frontier--HTML
  • Openings in the Old Trail--HTML
  • Sally Dows--HTML
  • Selected Stories--HTML
  • Snow-Bound at Eagle's--HTML
  • The Heritage of Dedlow Marsh and Other Tales--HTML
  • The Luck of Roaring Camp--HTML
  • The Outcasts of Poker Flat--HTML
  • The Queen of the Pirate Isle--HTML
  Franz HARTMAN (1838-1912)
  • Authenticated Vampire Story--Text--HTML
  William Fryer HARVEY (1885-1937)
  • Collected Stories--Text--HTML
  • The Beast with Five Fingers--Text--ZIP--HTML
  R S HAWKER (1803-1875)
  • The Botathen Ghost--Text--ZIP
  • One Hundred and One Tales of Mystery (as Editor)--Text
  • The Lock and Key Library Classic Mystery and Detective Stories Modern English (as Editor)--Text
  • The Lock and Key Library Classic Mystery and Detective Stories Old Time English (as Editor)--Text
  • The Lock and Key Library The most interesting stories of all nations American (as Editor)--Text
  • The Lock and Key Library The most interesting stories of all nations French novels (as Editor)--Text
  • The Lock and Key Library The most interesting stories of all nations Real life (as Editor)--Text
  Charles HAWTRY (1858-1923)
  • The Private Secretary (1907)--Text--ZIP
  J G (José Guillermo) HAY (fl. 1906)
  • The Visit of Charles Fraser (the Colonial Botanist of New South Wales) to the Swan River in 1827 (1906)--HTML
  William Gosse HAY (1875-1945)
  • The Escape of the Notorious Sir William Heans--Text--ZIP--HTML
  Annie HAYNES (died 1929)
  • The Abbey Court Murder (1923)--HTML
  • The House in Charlton Crescent (1926)--HTML
  • The Crow's Inn Tragedy (1927)--HTML
  • The Man with the Dark Beard (1928)--HTML
  • Who Killed Charmian Karslake? (1928)--HTML
  • The Crime at Tattenham Corner (1929)--HTML
  • The Crystal Beads Murder (1930)--HTML
  Lafcadio HEARN (1850-1904)
  • A Ghost Story and others--Text--HTML
  Edward HEAWOOD (1863-1949)
  • A History of Geographical Discovery in the Seventeenth and Eighteenth Centuries (1912)--HTML
  J E (Jan Ernst) HEERES (1858-1932)
  • The Part Borne by the Dutch in the Discovery of Australia 1606-1765--Text--ZIP--HTML--Dutch page images--English Page Images
  • Abel Janszoon Tasman's Journal of his Discovery of Van Diemen's Land and New Zealand in 1642 with Documents Relating to his Exploration of Australia in 1644...to which are added his Life and Labours, 1898--HTML. (Refer to the Abel Janszoon TASMAN page for details of the contents of the ebook.)
  John David HENNESSEY (1847-1935)
  • Wynnum White's Wickedness (1895)--Text--ZIP
  • The Dis-Honourable (1896)--Text--ZIP
  • An Australian Bush Track [a.k.a. The Bush Track](1896)--Text--ZIP
  • The Caves of Shend (1915)--Text--ZIP
  • The Outlaw (1913)--Text--ZIP--HTML
  • A Tail of Gold (1914)--Text--ZIP--HTML
  • The Bells of Sydney [a.k.a. Gunnery of Church-Consett; A Lost Identity] (1896)--Text--ZIP
  • Temptation on a Tower (1897)--Text--ZIP--HTML
  Rachel HENNING (1826-1914)
  • The Letters of Rachel Henning (1952)--Text--ZIP
  • The Gift of the Magi--Text
  G A HENTY (1832-1902)
  • The Young Carthaginian--HTML
  • For the Temple--HTML
  • Beric the Briton--HTML
  Henry William HERBERT (1807-1858)
  • The Roman Traitor (1853)--HTML
  E and H HERON ( Kate and Hesketh PRITCHARD)
  • Flaxman Low, Occult Psychologist--Collected Stories--Text--ZIP--HTML
  Beatrice HERON-MAXWELL (1856-1927)
  • The Devil Stone--Text--HTML
  Paul HEYSE (1830-1914)
  • Little Lisbeth--Text--HTML
  • The Calvert Scientific Exploring Expedition (1905) (compiled by J G Hill)--HTML
  Richard HILLARY (1919 - 1943)
  • The Last Enemy (1942)--Text--ZIP
  James HILTON (1900-1954)


Short Stories

  Adolf HITLER (1889-1945)
  • Mein Kampf--Text--ZIP--HTML [Translated into English by James Murphy (died 1946)]
    [Read a review of this book by George Orwell]
  Edwin HODDER
  • The History of South Australia Volume 1 (1893)--HTML
  • The History of South Australia Volume 2 (1893)--HTML
  • The Founding of South Australia, as recorded in the Journals of Robert Gouger, first Colonial Secretary--HTML
    [Edited by Edwin HODDER]
  William Hope HODGSON (1877-1918)
  • Carnacki Supernatural Detective and Others--Text--ZIP--HTML
  • Carnacki The Ghost Finder--Text--ZIP--HTML
  • The House on the Borderland--Text
  E T A (Ernst Theodor Amadeus) HOFFMANN (1776-1822)
  • Mlle de Scuderi--Text--ZIP--HTML
  • The Golden Flower Pot--Text--ZIP--HTML
  • The Sand-Man and other stories--Text--ZIP--HTML
  James Francis HOGAN (1855-1924)
  • The Irish in Australia (1887)--Text--ZIP
  James HOGG (1770-1835)
  • Collected Stories--Text--HTML
  Tom HOOD (1835-1874)
  • The Shadow of a Shade--Text--HTML
  E W HORNUNG (1866-1921)


  • Raffles, the Amateur Cracksman (1899)--Text--HTML
  • Raffles, Further Adventures of the Amateur Cracksman [The Black Mask] (1901)--Text--HTML
  • A Thief in the Night (1905)--Text--HTML
  • Mr. Justice Raffles (1909)--Text--HTML

Other Novels

  • A Bride from the Bush (1890)--HTML
  •  The Unbidden Guest (1894)--HTML
  • Irralie's Bushranger (1896)--HTML
  • The Rogue's March (1896)--HTML
  • At the Pistol's Point (1897)--HTML
  • My Lord Duke (1897)--HTML
  • Dead Men Tell No Tales (1899)--HTML
  • The Belle of Toorak (1900)--HTML
  • Peccavi (1900)--HTML
  • Tiny Luttrell (1900)--HTML
  • Young Blood (1901)--HTML
  • At Large (1902)--HTML
  • The Shadow of the Rope (1902)--HTML
  • Denis Dent (1903)--HTML
  • No Hero (1903)--Text--HTML
  • Stingaree (1909)--HTML
  • The Boss of Taroomba (1910)--HTML
  • The Camera Fiend (1911)--HTML
  • Fathers of Men (1912)--HTML
  • The Thousandth Woman (1913)--HTML

Short Story Collections

  • Under Two Skies (1892)--HTML
  • Some Persons Unknown (1898)--HTML
  • Witching Hill (1913)--HTML
  • The Crime Doctor (1914)--HTML
  • Old Offenders and a Few Old Scores (1923)--HTML


  • The Ballad of Ensign Joy (1917)--HTML
  • The Young Guard (1919)--HTML

Non Fiction

  • Trusty and Well Beloved (1915)--HTML
  • Notes of a Camp Follower on the Western Front (1919)--HTML
  • Charles Reade (1921)--HTML
  Stanley HOUGHTON (1881-1913)
  • The Dear Departed (1910)--Text--ZIP
  Brant HOUSE ('House' name) also see Paul Chadwick
Secret Agent X
  • The Fear Merchants--HTML
  • Legion of the Living Dead (1935)--HTML
  • The Torture Trust--HTML
  • An Eye for an Eye: A Story of the War (1900)--Text--ZIP--HTML
  William HOVELL (See Hamilton HUME)   Sir Albert HOWARD (1873-1947)
  • An Agricultural Testament--Text--ZIP
  • Farming and Gardening for Health or Disease--Text--ZIP
  • The Waste Products of Agriculture--Text--ZIP

Robert E HOWARD (1906-1936)

Additional stories, under the headings listed below, may be available from Roy Glashan's Library


The Conan Saga

  • Cimmeria - A Poem (1932)--HTML
  • The Phoenix on the Sword (1932)--Text--HTML
  • The Scarlet Citadel (1933)--Text--HTML
  • The Tower of the Elephant (1933)--Text--HTML
  • Black Colossus (1933)--Text--HTML
  • The Slithering Shadow [Xuthal of the Dusk] (1933)--Text--HTML
  • The Pool of the Black One (1933)--Text--HTML
  • Rogues in the House (1934)--Text--HTML
  • Gods of the North (1934)--Text--HTML
  • Iron Shadows in the Moon [Shadows in the Moonlight] (1934)--Text--HTML
  • Queen of the Black Coast (1934)--Text--HTML
  • The Devil in Iron (1934)--Text--HTML
  • The People of the Black Circle (1934)--Text--HTML
  • A Witch Shall be Born (1934)--Text--HTML
  • Jewels of Gwahlur (1935)--Text--HTML
  • Beyond the Black River (1935)--Text--HTML
  • Shadows in Zamboula [Man-Eaters of Zamboula] (1935)--Text--HTML
  • Conan the Conqueror [The Hour of the Dragon] (novel) (1936)--Text--HTML--EPUB and KINDLE
  • Red Nails (1936)--Text--HTML
  • The Hyborian Age (1938)--Text--HTML [An essay pertaining to the Hyborian Age, the fictional setting of the stories about Conan]
  • The God in the Bowl (1952)-- HTML
  • The Black Stranger (1953)-- HTML

The Kull Saga

  • The King and the Oak--A Poem (1939)--HTML
  • The Shadow Kingdom (1929)--Text--HTML
  • The Mirrors of Tuzun Thune (1929)--Text--HTML
  • Kings of the Night (1930)--Text--HTML

Other Fantasy Adventures

  • Almuric--Text--ZIP--HTML
  • The Lost Race--Text--ZIP--HTML
  • Spear and Fang--Text--ZIP--HTML
  • The Voice of El-Lil--Text--ZIP--HTML
  • People of the Dark--Text--ZIP--HTML
  • The Witch from Hell's Kitchen (The House of Arabu)--Text--HTML


The El Borak Stories

  • The Daughter of Erlik Khan (1934)--Text--HTML
  • Hawk of the Hills (1935)--Text--HTML
  • Blood of the Gods (1935)--Text--HTML
  • Son Of The White Wolf (1936)--Text--HTML
  • The Country of The Knife (1937)--Text--HTML

The Solomon Kane Stories

  • Red Shadows (1928)--HTML
  • Skulls in the Stars (1929)--HTML
  • Rattle of Bones (1929)--HTML
  • The Moon of Skulls (1930)--HTML
  • The Hills of the Dead (1930)--HTML
  • The Footfalls Within (1931)--HTML
  • Wings in the Night (1932)--HTML
  • Solomon Kane's Homecoming - A Poem (1936)--HTML

The James Allison Stories

  • The Valley of the Worm (1934)--HTML
  • The Garden of Fear (1934)--HTML

The Bran Mak Morn Stories

  • Worms of the Earth--Text--ZIP--HTML
  • The Children of the Night--Text--ZIP--HTML
  • Kings of the Night (1930)--Text--HTML

The Cormac Fitzgeoffrey Stories

The Kirby O'Donnell Stories

  • The Treasures of Tartary (a.k.a. The Gold of Tartary)--HTML
  • Swords of Shahrazar (a.k.a The Treasure of Shaibar Khan)--HTML

Terence Vulmea and Other Pirate Stories

The Turlogh Dubh O'Brien Stories

Other Historical Adventure Stories

  • Gates of Empire--Text--ZIP--HTML
  • The Lion of Tiberias--Text--ZIP--HTML
  • Lord of Samarcand--Text--ZIP--HTML
  • The Sowers of the Thunder--Text--ZIP--HTML
  • The Shadow of the Vulture--Text--ZIP--HTML
  • Red Blades of Black Cathay--HTML


Cthulhu Mythos Tales

  • The Black Stone--Text--HTML
  • The Challenge from Beyond--HTML
  • The Children of the Night--Text--ZIP--HTML
  • The Fire of Asshurbanipal--Text--HTML
  • The Thing On the Roof--Text--ZIP--HTML

Conrad and Kirowan

  • The Children of the Night--Text--ZIP--HTML
  • The Thing On the Roof--Text--ZIP--HTML
  • The Haunter of the Ring--Text--HTML
  • Dig Me No Grave (John Grimlan's Debt)--HTML

The Weird Southwest

  • The Horror From The Mound (1932)--Text--HTML
  • The Man on the Ground (1933)--Text--ZIP--HTML
  • Old Garfield's Heart (1933)--Text--ZIP--HTML
  • The Dead Remember (1936)--HTML
  • Black Canaan (1936)--Text--HTML
  • Pigeons from Hell (1938)--Text--HTML

The Faring Town Saga

De Montour

  • In the Forest of Villefere--Text--ZIP--HTML
  • Wolfshead--Text--HTML

Other Tales Of Horror

  • The Cairn on the Headland--HTML
  • The Dream Snake--Text--ZIP--HTML
  • The Fearsome Touch of Death--Text--ZIP--HTML
  • The Hyena--Text--ZIP--HTML


Steve Harrison - Detective Of The Occult

  • Fangs of Gold (People of the Serpent)--Text--HTML
  • Graveyard Rats--Text--HTML
  • Names in The Black Book--Text--HTML

Other Weird Tales Of Detection

  • Black Talons--HTML
  • Moon of Zambebwei (The Grisly Horror)--HTML
  • Skull-Face--HTML
  • Black Wind Blowing--HTML
  • The Tomb's Secret--HTML
  • Black Hound of Death--HTML


Breckinridge Elkins

  • A Gent From Bear Creek (Novella)--Text--ZIP--HTML
  • A Gent From Bear Creek (Short Story)--Text--ZIP--HTML
  • Cupid From Bear Creek--Text--ZIP--HTML
  • Evil Deeds at Red Cougar--Text--ZIP--HTML
  • Guns of the Mountains--Text--ZIP--HTML
  • High Horse Rampage--Text--ZIP--HTML
  • Mountain Man--Text--ZIP--HTML
  • No Cowherders Wanted--Text--ZIP--HTML
  • Pilgrims To the Pecos--Text--ZIP--HTML
  • Pistol Politics--Text--ZIP--HTML
  • Sharp's Gun Serenade--Text--ZIP--HTML
  • Texas John Alden--Text--ZIP--HTML
  • The Apache Mountain War--Text--ZIP--HTML
  • The Conquerin' Hero of the Humbolts--Text--ZIP--HTML
  • The Feud Buster--Text--ZIP--HTML
  • The Haunted Mountain--Text--ZIP--HTML
  • The Riot at Cougar Paw--Text--ZIP--HTML
  • The Road to Bear Creek--Text--ZIP--HTML
  • The Scalp Hunter--Text--ZIP--HTML
  • War On Bear Creek--Text--ZIP--HTML
  • While Smoke Rolled--See Pike Bearfield, below

Pike Bearfield

  • While Smoke Rolled--Text--ZIP--HTML
  • The Riot of Bucksnort--HTML
  • Gents on the Lynch--HTML
  • A Gent from the Pecos--HTML

Buckner Jeopardy Grimes

  • A Man-Eating Jeopard--HTML
  • A Ring-Tailed Tornado--HTML
  • Knife-River Prodigal--HTML

Other Tales of The Wild West

  • "Golden Hope" Christmas--HTML
  • Drums of the Sunset--HTML
  • Boot Hill Payoff--Text--ZIP--HTML
  • Vultures' Sanctuary--HTML
  • The Vultures of Whapeton (Wahpeton)--Text--ZIP--HTML


Steve Costigan -- The Fighting Sailor

Ace Jessel, Dennis Dorgan, Kid Allison & Co.

  • Three Tales of the Ring (comprising the 3 stories below)--HTML
  • The Apparition In the Prize Ring--Text--HTML
  • Alleys of Darkness--Text--ZIP--HTML
  • Cupid vs Pollux--Text--ZIP--HTML


Wild Bill Clanton

  • The Purple Heart of Erlik (Nothing to Lose) (1936)--Text--HTML
  • She Devil--Text--ZIP--HTML
  • The Dragon of Kao Tsu--HTML

Other "Spicy" Stories


  • Collected Juvenilia--HTML
  Sidney HOWARD (1891-1939)
  • Ned McCobb's Daughter (1926)--Text--ZIP
  • They Knew What They Wanted (1924)--Text--ZIP
  William Dean HOWELLS (1837-1920)
  • Though One Rose From the Dead--Text--HTML
  Stephen HUDSON (1868-1944) (Pseudonym of Sydney SCHIFF)
  • A True Story (1930)--Text--ZIP
  W H HUDSON (1841-1922)
  • A Hind in Richmond Park (1923)--Text--ZIP
  • Nature in Downland (1900)--Text--ZIP
  • Idle Days in Patagonia--Text--ZIP
  • Hampshire Days--Text--ZIP--HTML
  Eleanor HULL (1860-1935)
  • A History of Ireland and Her People (1931)--HTML
  Fergus HUME (1859-1932)


  • The Mystery of a Hansom Cab (1886)--HTML
         The Mystery of a Wheel-Barrow by W Humer Ferguson is a paody of this title
  • Professor Brankel's Secret (1886)--HTML
  • Madame Midas (1888)--HTML
  • The Girl from Malta (1889)--HTML
  • The Piccadilly Puzzle (1889)--HTML
  • The Gentleman who Vanished (1890)--HTML
  • The Man with a Secret (1890)--HTML
  • Miss Mehistopheles [Sequel to Madame Midas] (1890)--HTML
  • A Creature of the Night (1891)--HTML
  • Monsieur Judas (1891)--HTML
  • The Black Carnation (1892)--HTML
  • The Fever of Life (1892)--HTML
  • The Island of Fantasy (1892)--HTML
  • The Harlequin Opal (1893)--HTML
  • A Midnight Mystery (1894)--HTML
  • The Lone Inn (1894)--HTML
  • The Third Volume (1894)--HTML
  • Whom God Hath Joined (1894)--HTML
  • The Gates of Dawn (1894)--HTML
  • The White Prior (1895)--HTML
  • Tracked by a Tattoo (1896)--HTML
  • For the Defence (1897)--HTML
  • The Clock Struck One (1898)--HTML
  • The Rainbow Feather (1898)--HTML
  • The Indian Bangle (1899)--HTML
  • The Red-Headed Man (1899)--HTML
  • The Bishop's Secret [Bishop Pendle] (1900)--HTML
  • The Crimson Cryptogram (1900)--HTML
  • The Lady From Nowhere (1900)--HTML
  • A Traitor in London (1900)--HTML
  • The Vanishing of Tera (1900)--HTML
  • The Millionaire Mystery (1901)--HTML
  • A Woman's Burden (1901)--HTML
  • The Pagan's Cup (1902)--HTML
  • The Turnpike House (1902)--HTML
  • A Coin of Edward VII (1903)--HTML
  • The Silver Bullet (1903)--HTML
  • The Yellow Holly (1903)--HTML
  • The Lonely Church (1904)--HTML
  • The Mandarin's Fan (1904)--HTML
  • The Red Window (1904)--HTML
  • The White Room (1904)--HTML
  • The Opal Serpent (1905)--HTML
  • The Scarlet Bat (1905)--HTML
  • The Secret Passage (1905)--HTML
  • The Wooden Hand (1905)--HTML
  • The Black Patch (1906)--HTML
  • Lady Jim of Curzon Street (1906)--HTML
  • The Silent House (1907)--HTML
  • The Yellow Hunchback (1907)--HTML
  • The Crowned Skull (1908)--Text--ZIP--HTML
  • The Green Mummy (1908)--HTML
  • The Sacred Herb (1908)--HTML
  • The Disappearing Eye (1909)--HTML
  • The Solitary Farm (1909)--HTML
  • The Spider (1910)--HTML
  • The Mystery Queen (1912)--Text--ZIP--HTML
  • Red Money (1912)--HTML
  • A Son of Perdition (1912)--HTML
  • The Curse (1913)--HTML
  • The Red Bicycle (1916)--HTML
  • The Caravan Crime (The Caravan Mystery) (1926)--Text--ZIP--HTML

Short Stories and Short Story Collections

  • Chronicles of Faeryland (Chronicles of Fairyland) (coll.) (1892)--HTML
  • The Dwarf's Chamber (coll.) (1896)--HTML
  • Hagar of the Pawn-Shop (coll.) (1898)--Text--ZIP--HTML
  • The Dancer in Red (coll.) (1906)--HTML
  • The Seaside Girl (s.s.) (1910)--HTML
  Hamilton HUME and William HOVELL
  • Journey of Discovery to Port Phillip [edited by W. Bland]--Text--ZIP--HTML
  Eliza HUMPHREYS (1850-1938) (Eliza Margaret Jane Humphreys) [a.k.a "Rita"; Mrs. W. Desmond Humphreys; E. Jayne Gilbert. ]
  • Vivienne (The Triumph of Love) (1877)--Text--ZIP--HTML
  • The Sinner (1897)--Text--ZIP--HTML
  • Petticoat Loose [A Daughter of the People] (1898)--Text--ZIP--HTML
  • A Woman of Samaria [The Mystery of the Dark House] (1899)--Text--ZIP--HTML
  • The Lie Circumpsect (1902)--Text--ZIP--HTML
  • The Silent Woman [The Mystery of the "Headless Woman" Inn] (1904)--Text--ZIP--HTML
  • The Iron Stair (1916)--Text--ZIP--HTML
  Charles Cooke HUNT (1833-1868)
  • Journals of Expeditions to the Eastern Interior of Western Australia, 1864-66--HTML
    Edited by Ned Overton
  • Jun 2014 Exploration of the North-West Coast of Australia in 1863--HTML [with Joseph Beete RIDLEY]
    Edited by Ned Overton
  Violet HUNT (1866-1942)   William HUNT
  • The Spectre Bridegoom--Text--HTML
  • Historical Journal of the Transactions at Port Jackson and Norfolk Island--HTML
  • Once Aboard the Lugger--HTML
  • This Freedom--HTML
  Leonard HUXLEY
  • The Life and Letters of Thomas Henry Huxley Volume 1--Text
  • The Life and Letters of Thomas Henry Huxley Volume 2--Text
  Charles John Cutcliffe (Wright) HYNE (1865-1944)
  • The Tragedy of a Third Smoker.--Text--ZIP
  • The Escape Agents--Text--ZIP--HTML
  • Adventures of Captain Kettle--Text--ZIP--HTML

I -  Get HELP about accessing ebooks

  Henrik IBSEN (1828-1906)   Washington IRVING (1783-1859)
  • A Tour on the Prairies--Text--ZIP
  • The Adventure of the German Student--Text--HTML
  Frederick Chidley IRWIN (1788-1860)
  • The State and Position of Western Australia; commonly called the Swan-River Settlement (1835)-- HTML

J -  Get HELP about accessing ebooks

  Robert Logan JACK (1845-1921)
  • Northmost Australia (Volumes 1 and 2 combined) (1921)--HTML
  • Northmost Australia, Volume 1, updated edition--HTML
  • Northmost Australia, Volume 2, updated edition--HTML
  • The Exploration of Cape York Peninsula 1606-1915--Text--ZIP
  Fred JACKSON (Frederick J JACKSON) (1886-1953)
  • The Naughty Wife (1915)--Text--ZIP
  Jens Peter JACOBSEN (1847-1885)
  • Marie Grubbe (1876)--Text--ZIP Translated by Hanna Astrup LARSEN (1873-1945)
  • Niels Lyhne (1880)--HTML Translated by Hanna Astrup LARSEN (1873-1945)
  Henry JAMES (1843-1916)
  • Collected Stories--Text--ZIP--HTML
  • The Wings of the Dove (1909)--Text--ZIP
  • The Ambassadors--Text
  • The Golden Bowl--Text
  • The Turn of the Screw--Text
  • What Maisie Knew--Text
  M R JAMES (1862-1936)


  • The Collected Ghost Stories of M R James (1931)--Text--ZIP
  • Collected Ghost Stories (A Project Gutenberg Australia compilation)--Text--ZIP--HTML--EPUB and KINDLE
    [Includes as an Appendix by M R James on writing Ghost Stories]
  • A Warning to the Curious--Text--ZIP--HTML
  • Lost Hearts--Text--ZIP
  • Canon Alberic's Scrap-book--Text--ZIP


  • The Five Jars--Text--ZIP


  • Madam Crowl's Ghost and Other Tales of Mystery by J S Le Fanu
    [James contributed a Prologue and a Bibliographical and Critical Epilogue to the book]
  Will JAMES (1892-1942)
  • Smoky the Cowhorse--Text--ZIP--HTML (The html file contains 2mb of images)
  • Lone Cowboy--Text--ZIP--HTML
  • Home Ranch--Text--ZIP--HTML
  William JAMES
  • Pragmatism--Text
  Malcolm JAMESON (1891-1945)

More stories and other formats are availabe at Roy Glashan's Library

  • Train for Flushing (1940)--Text--HTML
  • Children of the Betsy B--Text--ZIP--HTML
  • The Sorcerer's Apprentice--Text--ZIP--HTML
  • Tricky Tonnage--Text--ZIP--HTML
  • Wreckers of the Star Patrol--Text--ZIP--HTML
  Calamity JANE
  • The Autobiography of Calamity Jane--HTML
  Alexander and Frank JARDINE
  • Narrative of the Overland Expedition of the Messrs Jardine, from Rockhampton to Cape York, Northern Queensland--HTML (Edited by F. J. Byerley)
  • Also refer to an account by A J Richardson
  • In the Pecos Country--HTML
  Walter JEFFERY (1861-1922)
  • The Mutineer: A Romance of Pitcairn Island--Text--ZIP--HTML
  • Admiral Phillip (with Louis BECKE)--HTML
  Herbert JENKINS (1876-1923)
  • Malcolm Sage, Detective--Text--ZIP
  • Bindle: Some Chapters in the Life of Joseph Bindle--Text--ZIP--HTML
  • The Bindles on the Rocks--Text--ZIP--HTML
  • Mrs Bindle--Text--ZIP--HTML
  Edward JENKS (1861-1939)
  • A History of the Australasian Colonies (1912)--HTML
Jerome K JEROME (1859-1927)
  • The Man of Science--Text--ZIP
  Sarah Orne JEWETT
  • The Country of the Pointed Firs--Text
  E Pauline JOHNSON
  • The Moccasin Maker--HTML
  Richard JOHNSON
  • An Address to the Inhabitants Of The Colonies--Text--HTML
  Eugene K JONES (1885-1954)   James JOYCE  

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  Raden A KARTINI (1879-1904)
  • Letters of a Javanese Princess--Text--ZIP--HTML
  John KEATS (1795-1821)
  • Collected Poetry--Text--ZIP
  Edward (Ned) KELLY (1854-1880)
  • The Jerilderie Letter [Dictated to Joe Byrne in 1879]--Text--ZIP
  Henry KENDALL (1839-1882)
  • The Poems of Henry Clarence Kendall--Text
  Edmund KENNEDY (1818-1848)
  • Expedition to ascertain the Course of the River Victoria--HTML
  • William Carron wrote an account of Kennedy's expedition to Cape York in 1848
  Vaughan KESTER
  • The Prodigal Judge--HTML
  John Maynard KEYNES (1883-1946)
  • The General Theory of Employment, Interest and Money--HTML
  Alonzo KING (fl. 1834)
  • Memoir of George Dana Boardman, late missionary to Burmah, containing much intelligence relative to the Burman mission--Text--ZIP
  Phillip Parker KING
  • Narrative of a Survey of the Intertropical and Western Coasts of Australia, Vol. 1--HTML
  • Narrative of a Survey of the Intertropical and Western Coasts of Australia, Vol. 2--HTML
  Charles KINGSLEY (1819-1875)
  • Hypatia, or: New Foes with an Old Face (1852)--HTML
  Henry KINGSLEY (1830-1876)
  • Stretton--Text--ZIP--HTML
  • The Hillyars and the Burtons--Text--ZIP--HTML
  • The Recollections of Geoffrey Hamlyn--Text
  Leonard KIP (1826-1906)
  • The Ghosts at Grantley--Text--ZIP--HTML
  Rudyard KIPLING (1865-1936)
  • Something of Myself (1937)--Text--ZIP
  • The Naulahka: A Story of West and East (1892)--Co-author: Wolcott Balestier--Text--ZIP
  • Thy Servant a Dog--Text--ZIP--HTML
  • Many Inventions--Text--ZIP--HTML
  • Limits and Renewals--Text--ZIP--HTML
  • Debits and Credits--Text--ZIP--HTML
  • At the End of the Passage--Text --ZIP
  • Captains Courageous--Text--EPUB and KINDLE
  • Kim--Text--EPUB and KINDLE
  • The Jungle Book--Text
  • The Second Jungle Book--Text
  • Just So Stories--HTML--EPUB and KINDLE
  • The Australian Crisis (1909)--Text--ZIP--HTML
  Arthur KITSON (1860-1937)   Otis Adelbert KLINE (1891-1946)

Other formats and titles are available at Roy Glashan's Library

The Venus Trilogy

  • The Planet of Peril (1929)--Text--HTML
  • The Prince of Peril (1930)--Text--HTML
  • The Port Of Peril (Buccaneers Of Venus) (1932)--Text--HTML

The Mars Stories

  • The Swordsman of Mars (1929)--HTML
  • The Outlaws of Mars (1933)--Text--HTML

Other Fiction

  • The Malignant Entity (1926)--HTML
  • The Revenge of the Robot (1926)--HTML
  • The Man from the Moon (1929)--Text--HTML
  • Maza of the Moon (1929)--Text--HTML
  • The Man Who Limped (1930)-- at Roy Glashan's Library
  • Spawn of the Comet (1930)--HTML
  • The Call of the Savage [Jan of the Jungle] (1931)--Text--HTML
  • The Metal Monster (1931)--HTML
  • The Thing That Walked in the Rain (1931)--HTML
  • A Vision of Venus (1933)--HTML
  • Jan in India (1935)--HTML
  • The Iron World (1937)--at Roy Glashan's Library
  • Stolen Centuries (1939)--Text--HTML
  • The Robot Beasts (Jan 1941)--at Roy Glashan's Library
  • Stranger from Smallness (1941)--HTML

Non Fiction

  • Writing the Fantastic Story (1930)--HTML
  E H KNATCHBULL-HUGESSEN (1829-1893)   Eric KNIGHT (1897-1943)
  • The Flying Yorkshireman--Text--ZIP--HTML
  Raymond KNISTER (1899-1932)
  • White Narcissus--HTML
  • Over There with the Australians--HTML

L -  Get HELP about accessing ebooks

  Jacques LABILLARDIERE (1755-1834)
  • Voyage in Search of La Perouse (Volume I)--HTML
  • Voyage in Search of La Perouse (Volume II)--HTML
  Francis Peter LABILLIERE (1840-1895)
  • Early History of the Colony of Victoria (Volume I)--HTML
  • Early History of the Colony of Victoria (Volume II)--HTML
  C Dudley LAMPEN (1859-1943)   Percival LANDON (1869-1927)
  • Thurnley Abbey--Text--ZIP
  Edward Wilson LANDOR
  • The Bushman, Life in a New Country--HTML
  • Journal of Landsborough's Expedition from Carpentaria, in Search of Burke and Wills--HTML
  William LANE The Workingman's Paradise: An Australian Labour Novel--Text   Andrew LANG
  • The Brown Fairy Book--Text
  • The Valet's Tragedy and Other Stories--Text
  John LANG (1816-1864)
  • Raymond (1840)--Text--ZIP--HTML
  • Botany Bay, True Tales of Early Australia (1859)--Text--ZIP--HTML
  • The Forger's Wife--(1853)--Text--ZIP--HTML
  • Too Clever by Half (1853)--Text--ZIP--HTML
  Kurd LASSWITZ (1873-1930) Titles available at Roy Glashan's Library
  • Novels
    Auf zwei Planeten--Erster Teil (1897)
    Auf zwei Planeten--Zweiter Teil (1897)
    Aspira. Der Roman einer Wolke (1905)
    Sternentau. Die Pflanze vom Neptunsmond (1909)
  • Stories
    Bis zum Nullpunkt des Seins (1878)
    Gegen das Weltgesetz (1878)
    Seifenblasen. Moderne Märchen (1887)
    Homchen. Ein Tiermärchen aus der oberen Kreide (1902)
    Traumkristalle (1902)
  Francis LATHOM (1777-1832)   D H LAWRENCE (1885-1930)
  • Novels and Stories:
  • The White Peacock (1911)--Text --ZIP--HTML
  • The Prussian Officer and Other Stories (1914)--Text --ZIP--HTML
  • The Lost Girl (1920)--Text -- ZIP--HTML
  • Kangaroo (1923)--Text--ZIP
  • The Fox (1923)--Text --ZIP--HTML
  • The Ladybird (1923)--Text --ZIP--HTML
  • The Captain's Doll (1923)--Text--ZIP--HTML
  • St Mawr (1925)--Text -- ZIP--HTML
  • The Plumed Serpent (1926)--Text --ZIP --HTML
  • The Rainbow (1926)--Text --ZIP--HTML
  • Lady Chatterley's Lover (1928)--Text --ZIP--HTML--EPUB and KINDLE
  • The Woman Who Rode Away and Other Stories (1928)--Text -- ZIP--HTML--EPUB and KINDLE
  • The Man Who Died (1929)--Text -- ZIP--HTML
  • The Virgin and the Gypsy (1930)--Text-- ZIP--HTML--EPUB and KINDLE
  • Collected Short Stories--Text --ZIP--HTML (These stories were not originally published together or contained in the other collections posted, i.e. 'The Prussian Officer', 'The Woman Who Rode Away' [above] and 'England, My England'.
  • Aaron's Rod--Text
  • Women in Love--Text
  • The Trespasser--Text
  • Sons and Lovers--HTML
  • England My England--Text
  • Plays:
  • The Married Man (1912--revised 1926)--Text--ZIP--HTML
  • The Fight for Barbara (1912)--Text--ZIP--HTML
  • David (1926)--Text--ZIP--HTML
  • The Daughter-in-law (1912)--Text--ZIP--HTML
  • The Widowing of Mrs Holroyd (1914)--Text--ZIP--HTML
  • A Collier's Friday Night (c. 1909, first pub. 1934)--Text--ZIP--HTML
  • The Merry-go-round (1912)--Text--ZIP--HTML
  • Touch and Go (1920)--Text--ZIP--HTML
  • Travel:
  • Sea and Sardinia--Text--ZIP
  • Etruscan Places--Text--ZIP--HTML
  • Mornings in Mexico--Text--ZIP--HTML
  • Twilight in Italy--Text
  • Poetry:
  • Birds Beasts and Flowers--Text--ZIP
  • Amores: Poems--Text
  • New Poems (1918)--Text
  • Bay: A Book of Poems--Text
  • Look! We Have Come Through!--Text
  • Tortoises--Text
  • Non Fiction
  • Fantasia of the Unconscious--Text
  Gertrude LAWRENCE (1898-1952)   T E LAWRENCE (1888-1935)
  • Seven Pillars of Wisdom (1926)--Text--ZIP--HTML--EPUB and KINDLE
    [Revolt in the Desert, published in 1927, was an abridged version of 'Seven Pillars of Wisdom'.]
  Gilbert H LAWSON   Henry LAWSON (1867-1922)
  • Triangles of Life and Other Stories (prose) (1913)--Text--ZIP--HTML
  • My Army, O, My Army! and Other Songs (verse) (1915)--Text--ZIP--HTML
  • The Romance of the Swag (prose) (1907)--Text--ZIP--HTML
  • Send Round the Hat (1907)--Text--ZIP--HTML
  • Skyline Riders and Other Verses (1910)--Text--ZIP--HTML
  • Verses Popular and Humorous (1900)--Text--ZIP--HTML
  • When I was King and Other Verses (1905)--Text--ZIP--HTML
  • The Rising of the Court and Other Sketches in Prose and Verse (1910)--Text--ZIP
  • For Australia (1913)--Text--ZIP--HTML
  • Short Stories in Prose and Verse (1894)--Text--ZIP--PDF [the pdf is page images (12 mb)]
  • Over The Sliprails--Text
  • In the Days When the World Was Wide--Text
  • Joe Wilson and His Mates--Text
  • On the Track--Text
  • Children of the Bush--Text
  • While the Billy Boils--Text
  Louisa LAWSON [Dora Falconer] (1848-1920)
  • Selected Lead Articles from The Dawn (1900)--Text--ZIP--HTML
  Maurice LE BLANC
  • The Crystal Stopper--Text
  • The Eight Strokes of the Clock--Text
  • The Extraordinary Adventures of Arsene Lupin, Gentleman-Burglar--Text
  • The Hollow Needle--Text
  • The Teeth of the Tiger--Text
  Joseph Sheridan LE FANU (1814-1873)
  • The Familiar--Text--ZIP
  • In a Glass Darkly--Text--ZIP--HTML--EPUB and KINDLE
  • Uncle Silas: A Tale of Bartram-Haugh (1864)--Text
  • Wylder's Hand (1869)--Text
  • Madam Crowl's Ghost and Other Tales of Mystery--Text--ZIP--HTML--EPUB and KINDLE
    [Edited by M R James who has contributed a Prologue and a Bbibliographical and Critical Epilogue]
  • The Wyvern Mystery (Volume 1)--Text--ZIP
  • The Wyvern Mystery (Volume 2)--Text--ZIP
  • The Wyvern Mystery (Volume 3)--Text--ZIP
  William LE QUEUX (1864-1927)


Stories and Collections

  Stephen LEACOCK (1869-1944)
  • Short Circuits (1928)--Text--ZIP--HTML
  • Winnowed Wisdom (1926)--Text--ZIP--HTML
  • The Pursuit of Knowledge--Text--ZIP--HTML
  • The Man in Asbestos--An Allegory of the Future--Text--HTML
  • My Remarkable Uncle and other Sketches--Text--ZIP--HTML
  Caroline LEAKEY ["Oline Keese"] (1827-1881)
  • Broad Arrow--Being Passages From the History of Maida Gwynnham, a Lifer. (1900)--Text--ZIP--HTML
  Albert LEE (1868-1946)
  • Tommy Toddles (1896)--HTML
  • Track Athletics in Detail (1896)--HTML
  • He, She and They (1897)--HTML
  • Four for a Fortune (1898)--HTML
  • The Pie and the Pirate (1910)--HTML
  Ida LEE (1865-1943)
  • Early Explorers in Australia (1925)--Text--ZIP--HTML
  • The First Sighting of Australia by the English--Text--ZIP--HTML
  • The Logbooks of the Lady Nelson--HTML
  • The Coming of the British to Australia 1788 to 1829--Text--ZIP--HTML
  • Captain Bligh's Second Voyage To The South Sea--HTML
  Henry Maxwell LEFROY (1818-1879)
  • Journal of an Expedition Exploring the Interior Eastward of York W.A. (1863)--HTML
  Ludwig LEICHHARDT (1813-1848)
  • Journal of an Overland Expedition in Australia 1844-1845--HTML
    [A. H. Chisholm's research and discovery of Gilbert's diaries and letters throws a new light on Leichhardt's expedition. Refer to Chisholm's book, "Strange New World," (Syd, 1955).]
  • Journal of Dr. Leichhardt's Third Expedition (1860) [edited by Rev. W B Clarke]--HTML
  Euston LEIGH and Cyril CLARE
  • The Duchess of  Coolgardie (1896)--HTML
  Gaston LEROUX (1868 - 1927)
  • Balaoo--Text--ZIP--HTML
  • The Mystery of the Yellow Room (1908)--Text
  • The Secret of the Night--Text
  • The Phantom of the Opera--Text
  Maurice LEVEL (1875-1926)   M G (Matthew Gregory) LEWIS (1775-1818)
  • The Castle Spectre--Text--ZIP--HTML
  • The Anaconda--Text--ZIP--HTML
  • Mistrust, or Blanche and Osbright--Text--ZIP--HTML
  Sinclair LEWIS (1885-1951)   Charles Herbert LIGHTOLLER (1874-1952)
  • Titanic and Other Ships--Text--ZIP--HTML
  Joseph C LINCOLN (1870-1944)
  • Silas Bradford's Boy (1928)--Text--ZIP--HTML
  • Queer Judson--(1925)Text--ZIP
  • The Aristocratic Miss Brewster (1927)--Text--ZIP
  • Rugged Water (1924)--Text--ZIP--HTML
  David LINDSAY (1856-1922)
  • Journal of the Elder Exploring Expedition, 1891--HTML
  David LINDSAY (1878-1945)   J. W. (John William) LINDT (1845-1926)
  • Picturesque New Guinea--HTML
    (photographs by J.W. Lindt during Sir Peter Scratchley's Expedition)
  George LIPPARD (1822-1854)   John Gibson LOCKHART (1794-1854)
  • Valerius--A Roman Story (1821)--HTML
  Hugh LOFTING (1886-1947)
  • Doctor Dolittle's Garden--Text--ZIP--HTML
  • Doctor Dolittle in the Moon--Text--ZIP--HTML
  • Doctor Dolittle's Circus--Text--ZIP--HTML
  • Doctor Dolittle and the Green Canary--Text--ZIP
  • Doctor Dolittle's Return--Text--ZIP--HTML
  • The Voyages of Doctor Dolittle--Text--ZIP--HTML
  Jack LONDON (1876-1916)
  • The Scarlet Plague (1912)--Text--HTML
  • A Thousand Deaths--Text--HTML
  • Martin Eden--Text
  • The Call of the Wild--Text
  • The Iron Heel--Text
  • The Sea Wolf--Text
  LONGUS (fl. 2nd century AD?) See Wikipedia for a brief biography.
  • Daphnis and Chloe--Text--ZIP (Translated from Greek by George Thornley, in 1657)
  Frederick LONSDALE (1881-1954)
  • The Last of Mrs Cheney--Text--ZIP
  Edward LORDING (writing as A. Tiveychoc) (1899-1944)
  • There and Back: The Story of an Australian Soldier 1915-35--HTML
  F G (Frederick George) LORING (1869-1951)
  • The Tomb of Sarah--Text--ZIP
  H P LOVECRAFT (1890-1937)

[See Roy Glashan's Library for other formats]

    The Cthulhu Stories

  • At The Mountains Of Madness--HTML
  • The Call of Cthulhu--HTML
  • The Case of Charles Dexter Ward--HTML
  • The Colour Out of Space--HTML
  • The Dreams In the Witch-House--HTML
  • The Dunwich Horror--HTML
  • The Festival--HTML
  • The Haunter of The Dark--HTML
  • The Nameless City--HTML
  • Nyarlathotep--HTML
  • The Shadow Out of Time--HTML
  • The Shadow Over Innsmouth--HTML
  • The Thing On The Doorstep--HTML
  • The Whisperer in Darkness--HTML

    The Randolph Carter Stories
    [Available at at Roy Glashan's Library]

  • The Statement Of Randolph Carter
  • The Unnamable
  • The Silver Key
  • The Dream Quest Of Unknown Kadath
  • Through The Gates Of The Silver Key
  • Out of the Aeons

    The Dream Cycle
    [Available at at Roy Glashan's Library]

  • Azathoth
  • Beyond The Wall Of Sleep
  • The Cats of Ulthar
  • Celephaïs
  • The Descendant
  • The Doom that Came to Sarnath
  • The Dream Quest Of Unknown Kadath
  • The Dreams In The Witch-House
  • Ex Oblivione
  • From Beyond
  • The Hound
  • Hypnos
  • The Nameless City
  • Nyarlathotep
  • The Other Gods
  • Polaris
  • Pickman's Model
  • The Quest Of Iranon
  • The Silver Key
  • The Statement Of Randolph Carter
  • The Strange High House In The Mist
  • The Thing In The Moonlight
  • Through The Gates Of The Silver Key
  • What The Moon Brings
  • The White Ship

    Twenty-nine Tales
    [Available at at Roy Glashan's Library]

  • The Book
  • Cool Air
  • Dagon
  • The Evil Clergyman
  • Facts Concerning The Late Arthur Jermyn
  • He
  • Herbert West — Reanimator
  • The Horror At Red Hook
  • Ibid
  • Imprisoned With The Pharaohs
  • In The Vault
  • The Lurking Fear
  • Memory
  • The Moon Bog
  • The Music Of Erich Zann
  • Old Bugs
  • The Outsider
  • The Picture In The House
  • The Rats In The Walls
  • A Reminiscence Of Dr Samuel Johnson
  • The Shunned House--HTML
  • The Street
  • Sweet Ermengarde
  • The Temple
  • The Terrible Old Man
  • The Tomb
  • The Transition Of Juan Romero
  • The Tree
  • Under The Pyramids
  • The Very Old Folk

   Twenty-nine Co-authored Stories
    [Available at at Roy Glashan's Library]

  • The Battle That Ended The Century
  • The Challenge From Beyond
  • Collapsing Cosmoses
  • The Crawling Chaos
  • The Curse Of Yig
  • The Diary Of Alonzo Typer
  • The Disinterment
  • The Electric Executioner
  • The Green Meadow
  • The Hoard Of The Wizard-Beast
  • The Horror At Martin's Beach
  • The Horror In The Burying-Ground
  • The Horror In The Museum
  • In The Walls Of Eryx
  • The Last Test
  • The Man Of Stone
  • Medusa's Coil
  • The Mound
  • The Night Ocean
  • Out Of The Aeons
  • Poetry And The Gods
  • The Slaying Of The Monster
  • The Thing In The Moonlight
  • Through The Gates Of The Silver Key
  • Till A' The Seas...
  • The Trap
  • The Tree On The Hill
  • Two Black Bottles
  • Winged Death

    [Available at at Roy Glashan's Library]

  • Fungi From Yuggoth (36 Sonnets)
  • Selected Poems

    [Available at at Roy Glashan's Library]

  • Selected Essays, including:
    At The Root
    The Allowable Rhyme
    Cats And Dogs
    The Despised Pastoral
    A History Of The Necronomicon
    Metrical Regularity
    Notes On Writing Weird Fiction
    Supernatural Horror In Literature--Text--HTML--EPUB and KINDLE

    [Available at at Roy Glashan's Library]

  • H P Lovecraft: His Earliest Writings--HTML
    The Alchemist
    The Beast In The Cave
    The Mysterious Ship
    The Mystery Of The Graveyard
    The Secret Cave
    The Little Glass Bottle
  L W (Lennie) LOWER (1903-1947) (Lower is comprehensively covered at Perry Middlemiss' Literature Site)   Marie LOWNDES
  • The Lodger--Text
  Fitz Hugh LUDLOW (1836-1870)
  • The Phial of Dread and Other Stories--Text--ZIP--HTML
  Calista Vinton LUTHER
  • The Vintons and the Karens: Memorials of Rev. J H Vinton and C H Vinton--Text--ZIP--HTML
  Charles Emanuel LYNE (1850-1910)
  • Life of Sir Henry Parkes (1897)--Text--ZIP--HTML
  • New Guinea: An Account of the Establishment of the British Protectorate Over the Southern Shores of New Guinea (1885)--HTML
  Jill LYONS
  • Pioneers at Peace: The Story of St John's Cemetery, Gordon [N.S.W.] (1994)--HTML--PDF
    [The author has kindly made this work available to Project Gutenberg Australia]
    The html version of this book has links to photographs of relevant graves and plaques at St John's Cemetery, Gordon (available from this site).

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M A McCARTER (fl. 1908)   Thomas McCOMBIE (1819-1869)
  • Adventures of a Colonist (1845)--Text--ZIP--HTML
  Gordon MacCREAGH (1886-1953)

Novels and Novelettes

Individual Stories

The Kingi Bwana Stories

The "Jehannum" Smith Stories


  • White Waters and Black (1926)--HTML (Non Fiction)
George MacDONALD (1824-1905)
  • The Golden Key (1867)--Text--ZIP--HTML
  A G (Archibald Gordon) MACDONELL (1895-1941)
  • The Factory on the Cliff (1928)--HTML
  • The Shakespeare Murders (1933)--HTML
  • Narrative of the Voyage of H.M.S. Rattlesnake, 1846-50, Volume 1--HTML
  • Narrative of the Voyage of H.M.S. Rattlesnake, 1846-50, Volume 2--HTML
  • McKinlay's Journal of Exploration in the Interior of Australia (Burke Relief Expedition)--Text
  Elizabeth MacKINTOSH See Josephine TEY   Jack McLAREN (1887-1954)   A R McMAHON (fl. 1876)
  • The Karens of the Golden Chersonese--Text--ZIP
  Mary A McMANUS (fl. 1903)
  • Reminiscences of the Early Settlement of the Maranoa District--HTML
    [In 1857 Stephen Spencer, Mary McManus' father, purchased the property, Mount Abundance, from Allan Macpherson.
    Mr. Macpherson wrote about the property in his Mount Abundance]
  H C (Herman Cyril) McNEILE (1888-1937)--See Sapper   Allan MACPHERSON (1818-1891)
  • Mount Abundance: or The Experiences of a Pioneer Squatter in Australia--Text--ZIP--HTML--EPUB and KINDLE
    [In 1857 Macpherson sold the property, Mount Abundance, to Stephen Spencer.
    Mr. Spencer's daughter, Mary, included details of her time at the property in her Reminiscences]
  Emma (Mrs Allan) MACPHERSON (1833-1916) [a.k.a. "A Lady"]
  • My Experiences in Australia: Recollections of a Visit to the Colonies 1856-7--Text--ZIP--HTML--EPUB and KINDLE
  Ian MACPHERSON (1905-1944)
  • Wild Harbour (1936)--HTML
  Arthur MACHEN (1863-1947)
  • The Three Impostors (1895)--Text--ZIP
  • Dreads and Drolls (1926)--Text--ZIP
  • The Inmost Light (1894)--Text--HTML
  • The White People (1906)--Text--HTML
  • The Novel of the Black Seal (1895)--Text--HTML
  • The Red Hand (1906)--Text--HTML
  • The Terror--Text--HTML
  • Change--Text--HTML
  • Children of the Pool--Text--ZIP--HTML
  • The Shining Pyramid--Text--ZIP--HTML
  • The Novel of the White Powder--Text--ZIP--HTML
  • Holy Terrors--Text--ZIP--HTML
  • Dog and Duck (1924)--Text--ZIP--HTML (a collection of articles from  'The Lyons Mail', which was apparently a magazine published and sold by the famous Lyons corner teashops.)
  • A Fragment of Life--Text--ZIP--HTML
  • A New Christmas Carol--Text--ZIP--HTML
  • Out of the Earth--Text--ZIP--HTML
  • The Islington Mystery--Text--ZIP--HTML
  • Tales of Horror and the Supernatural (1949)--Text--ZIP
  Eneas MACKENZIE (1778-1832)
  • Memoirs of Mrs Caroline Chisholm (1852)--HTML
  Alexander MACONOCHIE (1787-1860)
  • Criminal Statistics and Movement of the Bond Population of Norfolk Island, to December, 1843 (1845)--HTML
  Maurice MAGNUS ("M M") (1876-1920)
  • Memoirs of the Foreign Legion (1924)--Text--ZIP (with a long introduction by D H lawrence)
  R H MAJOR (1818-1891)
  • Early Voyages to Terra Australis, now called Australia--Text--ZIP--HTML
  R H (Richard Henry) MALDEN (1879-1951)   D D (David Dickinson) MANN (b. 1775?)
  • The Present Picture of New South Wales, 1811--Text
  Frederic MANNING (1882-1935)
  • The Middle Parts of Fortune (1929)--Text--ZIP--HTML--EPUB and KINDLE (An abridged version was published as Her Privates We)
  Katherine MANSFIELD (1888-1923)   Frederick MARRYAT (1792-1848)
  • The White Wolf and more--Text--ZIP--HTML
  Harry Ignatius MARSHALL (1878-?)
  • The Karen People of Burma: A Study in Anthropology and Ethnology--Text--ZIP--HTML
  • The Karens of Burma--Text--ZIP
  Harriet Anne Patchett MARTIN
  • Coo-ee: Tales of Australian Life by Australian Ladies--Text--ZIP--HTML
  James MARTIN
  • Explorations in North-Western Australia (1865)--HTML
  • Journals and Reports of Two Voyages to the Glenelg River and the North-west Coast of Australia, 1863-4 (1864)--HTML
  A E W MASON (1865-1948) Many of these titles are available from Roy Glashan's Library in various formats

Inspector Hanaud

  • At the Villa Rose (1910)--Text--HTML
  • The Affair at the Semiramis Hotel (1917)--HTML
  • The House of the Arrow (1924)--Text--ZIP--HTML
  • The Prisoner in the Opal (1928)--HTML
  • They Wouldn't be Chessmen (1934)--HTML
  • The Ginger King (1940)--at Roy Glashan's Library
  • The House in Lordship Lane (1946)--Text--ZIP--HTML

Other Works

  • A Romance of Wastdale (1895)--HTML
  • The Courtship of Morrice Buckler (1896)--Text--ZIP--HTML
  • Lawrence Clavering (1897)--HTML
  • The Philanderers (1897)--HTML
  • Parson Kelly (1899)--HTML
  • Miranda of the Balcony (1899)--HTML
  • An Inconvenience of Habit (1899)--at Roy Glashan's Library
  • The Right Thing [short story] (1899)--Text--ZIP--HTML
  • The Watchers (1899)--HTML
  • Ensign Knightley and Other Stories (1901)--HTML
  • Clementina (1901)--HTML
  • The Trouble at Beaulieu (1901)--at Roy Glashan's Library
  • The Four Feathers (1903)--HTML
  • The Schoolmaster and Felicia [short story] (1903)--Text--ZIP--HTML
  • The Guide (1904)--HTML
  • The Truants (1904)--HTML
  • The Great Monoploy (1906)--at Roy Glashan's Library
  • Running Water (1907)--HTML
  • The Broken Road (1907)--HTML
  • Green Stockings [Play] (1911)--HTML
  • The Turnstile (1912)--HTML
  • Witness for the Defence (1913)--HTML
  • Dimoussi and the Pistol (1916)--at Roy Glashan's Library
  • The Four Corners of The World (1917)--HTML
  • The Vicar's Conversion (1917)--at Roy Glashan's Library
  • The Summons (1920)--HTML
  • No Other Tiger (1927)--HTML
  • The Dean's Elbow (1930)--HTML
  •  The Three Gentlemen (1932)--at Roy Glashan's Library
  • The Sapphire (1933)--at Roy Glashan's Library
  • Dilemmas [short stories] (1934)--Text--ZIP--HTML
  • Fire Over England (1936)--at Roy Glashan's Library
  • The Drum (1937)--at Roy Glashan's Library
  • The Last Salute (1937)--at Roy Glashan's Library
  • Koenigsmark (1938)--at Roy Glashan's Library
  • The Conjurer (1939)--at Roy Glashan's Library
  Ellen B MASON (Ellen Huntly Bullard MASON)
  • Tounghoo Women--Text--ZIP
  • Civilizing Mountain Men: Sketches of Mission Work Among the Karens--Text--ZIP
  Francis MASON (fl. 1843)
  • The Karen Apostle or Memoir of Ko Thah-Byu--Text--ZIP--HTML
  • The Story of a Working Man's Life: With Sketches of Travel in Europe, Asia, Africa, and America, as Related by Himself--Text--ZIP--HTML
  Charles MATURIN (1782-1824)
  • Leixlip Castle--Text--ZIP--HTML
  • Melmoth the Wanderer (1820)--HTML
  Hiram Percy MAXIM (1869-1936)
  • A Genius in the Family--Text--ZIP
  Ethel Colburn MAYNE (1870-1941)   Katherine MAYO (1868?-1940)
  • Mother India (1927)--HTML
  • The Isles of Fear (1927)--HTML
  James McBRYDE (1874-1904)
  • The Story of a Troll-Hunt (1904)--PDF
  L T MEADE (pseudonym of Elizabeth Thomasina SMITH, nee MEADE) (died 1914) and Robert EUSTACE
  • Followed--Text--ZIP
  • The Secret of Emu Plain--Text--ZIP
  • The Brotherhood of the Seven Kings--Text--ZIP--HTML
  • Madam Sara--Text--ZIP--HTML
  • The Blood-red Cross--Text--ZIP
  • The Face of the Abbot--Text--ZIP

    Diana Marburg

  • The Dead Hand--Text--HTML
  • Finger Tips--Text--HTML
  • Sir Penn Carlyll's Engagement--Text--HTML


  Huan MEE (pseudonym of Walter and Charles MANSFIELD)
  • The Russian Cipher (1899)--Text--ZIP--HTML [A story From "A Diplomatic Woman" (1900)]
  Herman MELVILLE (1819-1891)   Louisa Anne MEREDITH (1812-1895)
  • Notes and Sketches of New South Wales During a Residence in that Colony from 1839 to 1844 (1844)--HTML
  • My Home in Tasmania during a Residence of Nine Years (1852)--HTML
  • Over the Straits: A Visit to Victoria (1861)--HTML
  Abraham MERRITT (1884-1943)


  • The Moon Pool (1919)--HTML
  • The Metal Monster (1920)--HTML
  • The Face in the Abyss (1923)--Text--ZIP--HTML
  • The Ship of Ishtar (1924)--Text--ZIP--HTML
  • Seven Footprints to Satan (1927)--Text--ZIP--HTML
  • Burn, Witch, Burn! (1932)--Text--ZIP--HTML
  • The Dwellers in the Mirage (1932)--Text--ZIP--HTML
  • Creep, Shadow (1934)--Text--ZIP--HTML

Short Fiction

Collected Short Stories (1917-1946) [A PGA/RGL compilation]--HTML
containing the following stories:--

  • Through The Dragon Glass (Nov 1917)--Text--HTML
  • The People Of The Pit (Jan 1918)--Text--HTML
  • Three Lines Of Old French (Aug 1919)--Text--HTML
  • The Pool Of The Stone God (Sep 1923)--Text--HTML
  • The Women Of The Wood (Aug 1926)--Text--HTML
  • The Last Poet And The Robots (Apr 1934)--HTML
  • The Drone (Sep 1934)--Text--HTML
  • The Fox Woman (1946)--Text--HTML
  • The White Road (fragment, ca. 1940)--HTML
  • When Old Gods Wake (fragment, ca. 1940)--HTML
  Gustav MEYRINK (1868-1932) Philip Verill MIGHELS (1869-1911)   Alice Duer MILLER (1874-1942)
  • The White Cliffs--Text
  John MILLER (pseudonym of William LANE) (1861-1917)
  • The Workingmans' Paradise--Text
  Thomas Street MILLINGTON (1821-1906)   Ethel MILLS
  • A Box of Dead Roses (1901)--Text--ZIP--HTML
  Richard Charles MILLS (1886-1952)
  • The Colonization of Australia, 1829-42: The Wakefield Experiment in Empire Building (1915)--HTML
  Edward Page MITCHELL (1855-1927)
  • The Tachypomp and Other Stories--Text--ZIP--HTML
  • Collected Stories--Text--ZIP--HTML
  Margaret MITCHELL (1900-1949)
  • Gone with the Wind (1936)--Text--ZIP--HTML
  • Journal of an Expedition into the Interior of Tropical Australia--HTML
  • Three Expeditions into the Interior of Eastern Australia, Volume 1--HTML
  • Three Expeditions into the Interior of Eastern Australia, Volume 2--HTML
  Graham MOFFAT (1866-1951)
  • The Pawky Scot (1928)--HTML
  F W MOLE (1865-1946) a.k.a. "Dunbar"   Mary Louisa MOLESWORTH (1839-1921)   Sir John MONASH (1865-1931)
  • The Australian Victories in France in 1918--HTML
  Alexander MONTGOMERY (1847-1922)   L M MONTGOMERY (1874-1942)





  Patrick F. (Cardinal) MORAN, Archbishop of Sydney (1830-1911)
  • Discovery of Australia by de Quiros in the Year 1606--Text--ZIP--HTML
  H C F (Henry Charles Frank) MORANT (1885-1952)   Elinor MORDAUNT (1872-1942)
  • The Venture Book (1926)--Text--ZIP--HTML
  John MORESBY (1830-1922)
  • Discoveries and Surveys in New Guinea and the D'Entrecasteaux Islands--HTML
  Musette MORELL (1897-1950) (a.k.a. Moyna Martin, Moyna Delayney, Fiona O'Farrell)


  • Webs of Our Weaving (1948)--HTML
  • The Better Road (1948)--HTML
  • Even the Birds of the Air (1948)--HTML
  • Presented Without Courtesy (1948)--HTML
  • If Animals had Their Way (1950)--HTML
  • Ten Puppet Plays (1950)--HTML

Children's Books

  • Bush Cobbers (1948)--HTML
  Edward E MORRIS (1843-1902) Kenneth MORRIS (1879-1937)
  • The Regent of the North--Text--ZIP--HTML
  William MORRIS (1834-1896)
  • The Folk of the Mountain Door--Text--ZIP--HTML
  • News from Nowhere--Text
  Arthur MORRISON (1863-1945)

Martin Hewitt

  • Martin Hewitt, Investigator (1894)--Text--HTML--EPUB and KINDLE
  • Chronicles of Martin Hewitt (1895)--HTML
  •  Adventures of Martin Hewitt (1896)--HTML
  • The Red Triangle: Being Some Further Chronicles of Martin Hewitt, Investigator (1903)--HTML--EPUB and KINDLE

Novels and Sketches

  • A Child of the Jago (1896)--HTML--EPUB and KINDLE
  • To London Town (1899)--HTML
  • Cunning Murrell (1900)--HTML
  • The Hole in the Wall (1902)--Text--ZIP--HTML--EPUB and KINDLE
  • Zig-Zags at the Zoo (1895)--HTML [A series of sketches lavishly illustrated with approx. 580 delightful animal caricatures. Approx. 30mb.]

Short Fiction (Collected)

  • Tales of Mean Streets (short story collection)  (1894)--HTML
  • The Dorrington Deed Box (short story collection)  (1897)--HTML
  • Divers Vanities (1905)--HTML
  • The Green Eye of Goona (short story collection) (1904)--HTML--EPUB and KINDLE
  • Green Ginger (1909)--HTML
  • Fiddle O'Dreams and More (1933)--HTML

Short Fiction (Individual Stories)

  • A Vision of Toyokuni (1896)--HTML
  • A Game of Billiards (1899)--HTML
  • Aunt Sarah's Brooch (1899)--HTML
  • A Burgling Incident (1905)--Text--ZIP--HTML (Essentially the same story as The Disorder of the Bath which appears in the collection "Divers Vanities", above)
  • The Thing In the Upper Room (1910)--Text--ZIP--HTML
  • As Far as They Had Got (1911)--HTML
  • A Passed Master (1911)--at Roy Glashan's Library
  • Mr Macfadyen, Mortal (1911)--at Roy Glashan's Library

Non Fiction

  • The Shadows Around Us: Authentic Tales of the Supernatural  (1891)--HTML
G E (George Ernest) MORRISON (1863-1920)
  • An Australian in China--Text--ZIP--HTML
  Lowell Howard MORROW
  • Islands in the Air--Text--HTML
  W C (William Chambers) MORROW (1853-1923)
  • The Monster Maker and other stories--Text--ZIP--HTML
  Samuel MOSSMAN and Thomas BANISTER
  • Australia Visited and Revisited (1853)--HTML
  James MUDIE (1779-1852)
  • The Felonry of New South Wales (1837)--Text--ZIP--HTML
  Rosa MULHOLLAND (1841-1921)   Samuel MULLEN
  • The Battle of Mordialloc; or How we Lost Australia--Text--ZIP
  Dinah Maria MULOCK (1826-1887)
  • The Last House in C--Street--Text--ZIP--HTML

Talbot MUNDY (1879-1940)

  • Read Roy Glashan's bibliography of Talbot Mundy's works--Roy Glashan's Library
  • Read Roy Glashan's glossary of weird terms used by Mundy in his stories--Roy Glashan's Library
  • Also read other works by Talbot Mundy at Roy Glashan's Library (in various formats)
    The Yasmini Stories
  • A Soldier and a Gentleman--HTML
  • Gulbaz And The Game--not available
  • Winds of the World--Text--HTML
  • King--of the Khyber Rifles--Text--HTML
  • Guns of the Gods--Text--HTML
  • Caves of Terror [The Grey Mahatma]--Text--HTML

    The Jimgrim/Ramsden/Ommony Stories

  • Jimgrim and Allah's Peace (1921)--Text--HTML
  • The Iblis at Ludd (1922)--HTML
  • The Seventeen Thieves of El-Kalil (1922)--HTML
  • The Lion of Petra (1922)--Text--HTML
  • The Woman Ayisha (1922)--Text--ZIP--HTML
  • The Lost Trooper (1922)--HTML
  • Affair in Araby [The King in Check] (1922)--HTML
  • A Secret Society (1922)--HTML
  • Moses and Mrs. Aintree (1922)--HTML
  • The Mystery of Khufu's Tomb (1922)--Text--ZIP--HTML
  • Jungle Jest [Benefit of Doubt] (1922)--Text--ZIP--HTML
  • The Nine Unknown (1923)--Text--ZIP--HTML
  • The Marriage of Meldrum Strange (1923)--HTML
  • The Hundred Days [Mohammed's Tooth] (1923)--Text--ZIP--HTML
  • OM: The Secret of Ahbor Valley (1924)--Text--ZIP--HTML
  • The Devil's Guard [Ramsden] (1926)--Text--ZIP--HTML
  • Jimgrim [King of the World] (1931)--Text--ZIP--HTML


  • Tros of Samothrace (1925)--Text--ZIP--HTML
  • Queen Cleopatra (1929)--HTML
  • Purple Pirate (1935)--HTML

    The Chullunder Ghose Stories

  • The Red Flame of Erinpura (1927)--at Roy Glashan's Library
  • Case 13 (1932)--at Roy Glashan's Library
  • "C.I.D." (1933)--Text--ZIP--HTML
  • The Gunga Sahib (1933)---at Roy Glashan's Library

    Other Novels and Novellas

  • Payable to Bearer (1912)--HTML
  • Hookum Hai (1913)--HTML
  • For the Salt he had Eaten (1913)--HTML
  • Rung Ho! (1914)--Text--HTML
  • The Thrilling Adventures of Dick Anthony of Arran (1914)--at Roy Glashan's Library
  • MacHassan Ah (1915)--HTML
  • Hira Singh (1917)--Text--HTML
  • The Ivory Trail (1919)--Text--HTML
  • The Eye of Zeitoon (1920)--Text--HTML
  • Her Reputation (1923)--Text--ZIP--HTML
  • Caesar Dies (1926)--Text--HTML
  • Cock o' the North (Gup Bahadur) (1929)--at Roy Glashan's Library
  • Black Light (1930)--Text--ZIP--HTML
  • Full Moon [There Was a Door] (1935)--HTML
  • The Thunder Dragon Gate (1937)--HTML
  • Old Ugly-Face (1940)--Text--ZIP--HTML
  • East and West (Diamonds See in the Dark)(1937)--at Roy Glashan's Library
  • Selected Short Stories (12 stories, including 5 below marked )--HTML
  • The Lady and The Lord--Text--HTML
  • Kitty Burns her Fingers--HTML
  • Making 10,000 Pounds--HTML
  • The Pillar of Light--HTML
  • The Soul of a Regiment--HTML
  • Told in the East [Hookhaam Hai, For The Salt Which He Had Eaten, Machassan Ah]--Text--HTML
  • The Man from Poonch (1933)--HTML
  • Burbeton and Ali Beg (1914)--at Roy Glashan's Library
  • From Hell, Hull and Halifax (1913)--at Roy Glashan's Library
  • Oakes Respects an Adversary (1918)--at Roy Glashan's Library

    Theospohic Writings

  • The Middle Way--HTML
  • Poems and Dicta--HTML
  Joseph A MUNK
  • Arizona Sketches--HTML
  Neil MUNRO (1864-1930) see Hugh FOULIS   Agnes G MURPHY (1865-1931)
  • Melba: A Biography (1909)--HTML
  J H P MURRAY (1861-1940)
  • Papua or British New Guinea--HTML
  Louisa MURRAY
  • Mr Gray's Strange Story--Text--ZIP--HTML
  Phillip A MUSKETT
  • The Art of Living in Australia--Text
  T D MUTCH (1885-1958)
  • The First Discovery of Australia (1942)--HTML, with an account of the Voyage of the Duyfken and the Career of Captain Willem Jansz.
    (This article first appeared in the Journal of the Royal Australian Historical Society, Vol. XXVIII., Part V.)

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Louisa Warwick photos

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